The plum blossoms of Kamakura


































Winter finally seems to be ebbing to a close – thank god – the internet is working again here (hurray!) and the plum and peach blossoms are coming out in Kamakura. The air is filled with the flowers’ rich, fruity scent, the skies are balmier, though as you can see in these pictures, there is a still the threat of cold, of grey skies and even icier weather to come. As Prince once said, sometimes it snows in April.












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8 responses to “The plum blossoms of Kamakura

  1. brie

    Thank you for gifting me the beginnings of a wonderful day…these pictures lifted my spirits and made me realize that spring is around the corner (despite the fact that we are getting more snow/sleet tomorrow!). I am looking forward to my plum trees blossoming soon!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Beautiful! Here in New Mexico we aren’t at this point yet, but the buds on my plums are starting to swell a little, and I’m getting hopeful.

    • ginzaintherain

      Do they have the same shape as these trees? I always think of these as being quintessentially Japanese somehow because of all the ume blockprints and so on. We have cherry blossoms in England, as you do in the States, so they aren’t as Japanese as they might be, despite their originating there. To me, plum seems so….Nihon

  3. Beautiful photos! Spring is coming here too. Misty mornings with sun not on the horizon but slightly above now and daffodil shoots a-springing. So glad you’re back online! Vive la Narcissus! x

    • ginzaintherain

      Thanks babe. It has not been an easy couple of months, as I am sure it hasn’t for lots of people, but I can’t wait to get my fragrant teeth stuck into some serious perfume.

      Thanks to those that have stuck around!

  4. jennyredhen

    In your opinion what are the must see must do things about kamakura.. Ofenn what the brochures spout are so regulated and sign posted and crowded its not pleasant.. in my experience Japan has many gems that arent in the mainstream tourist rat runs.. if a tourist has time they can be stumbled across.. but a little insider info is always helpful.

    • I think the main tourist things such as the Great Buddha and Hase temple, along with Hachimangu shrine, are all definitely worth seeing along with the lovely bamboo temple where you can have green tea and just listen to the water in the grove, especially when it is raining. Otherwise, Kitakamakura, the next station along (where we live) is quieter and fun to walk around. Kenchoji temple, and then walk up behind it, up the mountains to Hansoboshita temple and above that to a lovely viewing platform.

      Admittedly, national holidays and weekends are unpleasant in Kamakura I find, particularly that now is the hydrangea season, but on week days it won’t be that busy. You can just wander around and soak up the atmosphere.

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