I quite like the bottle.


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15 responses to “MIU MIU REVIEW (20I5)

  1. The scent: faintly ozonic and floral and peppery and reminiscent of Dipytyque’s recent Florabellio. And then it turns into a mystifyingly intimidated space age recreation of Paloma Picasso.

    It could be worse.

    It could be a whole lot better.

  2. I love the bottle. As for the scent, I still want to smell it, but I am prepared to not like it very much.

  3. jennyredhen

    What do you think of Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere and Givenchy Dahlia Divin in the context of being modern perfumes?I thought these were preferable to Miu Miu when I tried all three the other day. Still quite thin and watery though.

    • I probably haven’t smelled the Dahlia Divin as the extent the Givenchy has declined always appalls me, but even though it sounds really heretical, I LOVE Eau premiere, much more even than the original No 5. In fact I think that this morning on the way to work a woman may have been wearing this as it smelled like No 5 but more modern and nicer ( I hate really old fashioned musks). I reckon the formulae for scents like Eau Premiere must be way more costly than for shit like the Miu Miu, where all the money has OBVIOUSLY gone on the bleeding bottle.

      • jennyredhen

        So pleased you agree. The original Chanel No 5 is too cloying Premiere is much fresher. Dahlia Divin is preferable to Dahlia Noir… Maybe the Dahlia theme is a work in progress by Givenchy…as real Dahlias have no scent it is a complete fantasy. Maybe there will be scent called dandelion next.. Dandelions do have a faint scent and it is quite nice.

      • no no no it just sounds so horribly Marc Jacobs to me, nein nein

      • Anyway, must hit the sack. Guten Nacht.

  4. lilybelle

    I haven’t seen it in person but I like the bottle, too. The ad is cute. I doubt I would like the fragrance. I just don’t like most new scents. Still…you never know.

  5. bella ciao

    I was tempted to buy it for the bottle. I still am…. Plus the feline accessory!
    Along the same vein I also like the packaging of Decadence and Alaia. This one actually has an interesting content as opposed to the first two.

  6. Love the bottle, but I wanted the scent of Grey Gardens. The fragrance has no panache and none of the eccentricity I love to associate with my Miu Miu.

    Funnily enough, while we are on the subject of bottles – Last night I attended a “Scent School” / blogger workshop at Condé Nast College in Soho. The final speaker was a lady from a PR agency. She’s prattling off reasons to love a perfume, bottle being top of the list, but never did she mention actually liking how it smells.

  7. Have to agree with you that the bottle is the best part of the fragrance. That is just too sad though.

  8. The bottle Is the freshest packaging we’ve seen in years. The perfume is nice. I smelled it once and it left me the impression of a reworking of Diorissimo

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