Mona Di Oiro Ambre : 


Cat in a Barn.



Cool light. 4am.

Blue sky. Wake up: almond breath / love.



Hypnotic charred piss.


As alien as the Japanese would have found the smell of westerners.



Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming:

Self effacing to the point of non-existence.


Etat Libre D’Orange Fat Electrician:

Generous fuzzy crack.


Parfumerie Generale Cedre Samarcande: 

Termites in maple syrup.


Profumi Di Firenze Tabacco;

tobacco + dogs + shaggy carpets + angel  (= vomit)


Creed Love in Black : 

Vivien Leigh. Black sable coat.



Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia: 

A thousand gowns from 1955, chinchillas


Cartier So Pretty:

Airline hostess.



Bois 1920 Sutra Ylang: 

Shampoo jungle


Amouage Epic Man :

Lips could touch this from the first application

(but what if someone asks you what you are wearing?)


Tauer Incense Rose:

Love hate unrelenting fierce


Angela Flanders Cachou :

Rosey-eyed cherub, nibbling on marzipan.

Tresor in later life:fattened up.

Kicked off her heels.


Micallef Night Oud:

Julee Cruise, floating into the night….gorgeous.


Parfums d’Empire 3 Fleurs: 

Enough to make your eyes pop out and sprout silk flowers.


Lalique Encre Noire Pour Elle: 

As if feminism never happened.


Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium:



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8 responses to “FROM THE OLD NOTEBOOKS

  1. Lilybelle

    Those are fun. Do more! 🙂

  2. I love these mini reviews! They really were a lot of fun to read. I agree with Lilybelle…do more.

  3. I agree. Keep ’em comin’!

  4. Love those quickly jotted down type of reviews. They are usually the most perfect at truly capturing the nature of a scent. Share more please.

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