Wow. What a year it has been.

Personally, I cannot deny that I have had a lot of enjoyable experiences – many of them documented on here – but certainly plenty more horrendous ones – ditto.

Overall, I will not be sorry to see the back of 2021 ( it is hard for me to think of a more stressful year; much of it has been horrible), and I hope – and the optimist in me believes – that the next year will be better for us all.

Thanks for tuning in.



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  1. I agree with you in feeling a better or at least easier time is coming in this new year. We are all in the midst of developing our endurance for setbacks and surprises but getting stronger to deal with them. It feels like trying to develop stronger mental and emotional muscle, if not always as much physical strengths at this time. Proves to be just as necessary, and perhaps too long neglected. Thanks for your open sharing if beautiful and difficult moments, along with insights into perfume experiences. I look forward to your posts.

  2. Tora

    I hope for us all, a more hopeful and safer New Year. Love and strength to you, Neil.

    • You too.

      I have a good feeling about things. In any case, if we HAVE built endurance for setbacks etc then whatever comes our way will be more tolerable in the first place.

      I am determined to LIVE. Let’s just do it!

  3. emmawoolf

    Happy New Year, dear Neil. Hugh bought me a bottle of faithful Eau de Soir for Christmas, so I shall drown myself in it as I accessorise my NYE outfit of Marks and Spencer’s purple loungepants. May 2022 be full of your writing and I very much hope to see you in person next year xx

    • Oh Christ I hope so: with any luck we will be in both Norwich and Birmingham (and probably only those places) – dependent on quarantines etc.

      You can be sure about the writing though. I can’t tell you how much I love it.


  4. Yes, let’s put 2021 behind us and hope for a better 2022—although your writing certainly made the year better for your faithful readers! I’m doing some physical cleaning up around the apartment to help get into the “new” mindset.

    • That’s what everyone does here too – the big O -Soji, but we are always too lazy or drunk to do it the way our neighbours do. It is certainly nice to wake up to a clean space when there is a ‘clean slate’.

      It has been great getting to know you this last year. x

  5. What an exercise in exasperation this year has been. Other that volunteering to administer vaccines, I am so glad I am not working in the US healthcare system. The lack of ethics, disregard of science, and slipshod methods of gathering evidence in favor of ego and emotions in authorities such as the CDC, WHO, and the FDA has been disheartening. We better get our collective public health act together universally before the next pandemic arrives.
    And a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to you all!
    Burning frankincense, myrrh, and copal for some healing, clearing, and sanity.

  6. Robin

    As long as you keep writing, 2022 will be okay.

  7. I agree that 2021 was not a good year and hope that 2022 will be better for all of us.

  8. I feel 2022 will be fine. We all just keep moving along and we make the best of all things, and we will make it feel more positive. Of course by the point I am wrriting this we have lost Sidney Poitier, so I am hoping things will veer more positive soon, that was kind of a sad thing to read.
    Your glorious writing will be sure to keep me happy and blissful all throughout this new year.

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