Sandringham rose : ROYAL ARMS (DIAMOND EDITION) by Floris (1920/2012)


The house of Floris has released this re-edited eau especially for the queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and as children across the nation dig into  Victoria sponge beneath miles of bunting and fluttering Union Jacks, their mothers, nans, and aunts might fancy a few spritzes of Diamond Edition to get into the regal spirit: an appealing, and very British scent that captures this moment, and the monarch, rather perfectly.

More Lloyd Webber than Britten, the queen’s tastes have always veered more towards the bourgeois than the aristocracy, and this polished scent, of cosseted roses, trellises and perfected bedspreads, is to me like a paen to middle England: a plump, stocky rose that rises above. The pinkest, shiniest, satin cushions rest on freshly embroidered sheets. Pot pourri, in porcelain, lightly scents the air on the dresser, while back notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and tuberose address the floral coronet above (this is very much an interior fragrance; those rose gardens and flower beds viewed from far off, through thick panes of glass). The perfume is so seamlessly blended however that listing notes seems superfluous. Feminine and slight initially with its touches of bergamot and lemon, it becomes more imposing as it blooms, pink and full-figured like the character played by Imelda Staunton in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.


Royal Arms is  the kind of scent I would put in the ‘comfort zone’ section of my perfume collection if I were to get a full bottle (which I would happily do): post-bath, pampered with talc, the dry down of patchouli and lightly ambered musks over vanilla, finishes a nostalic and clean English guesthouse rose that soothes and pleases, so much so that I almost wish I were back in the UK to join in the celebrations.



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20 responses to “Sandringham rose : ROYAL ARMS (DIAMOND EDITION) by Floris (1920/2012)

  1. As always, great to read your point of view – your knowledge amazes me.
    Daphne -I liked the hat’

  2. ginzaintherain

    …which you sent! I wouldn’t normally wear tea cozies on my head at 11am but it seemed somehow fitting!

  3. I loved this review and its acknowledgement of the pleasures of the purely comfortable. It is sad and limiting not to have comfort in one’s repertoire, and those people (including perfumers) who seek to be always out on the edge rapidly start to provoke yawns and distaste instead of gasps. Part of the appeal of Donna Karan’s Chaos is that it is actually a smooth and comforting incense. And what could be more comforting than a garden of roses? This is the peace that isn’t past our understanding.

    • I agree, although I do think I look a touch (to say the least) foolish wearing a tea cosy on my head after just waking up (hence the extra blobby features he added with vanity).

      But I actually like these kind of sweet, delicate, comforting scents as you say, and Floris do them very well. Their Night Scented Jasmine is unthreatening to say the least, the anti-Sarrasins, but I really like it.

      And I felt like something English after all that Japanese business…

  4. Nancysg

    I have to ask, is that the baby ermine on the Queen’s shoulder looking for its family?

  5. Lilybelle

    Sounds lovely and very cozy. 🙂

  6. Lilybelle

    p.s. I do truly mean it sounds lovely. Who doesn’t love a cozy sometimes? I love cozy MOST of the time.

  7. Oh thanks nancy, that was my burning question!

    I baked a Victoria Sponge on request last weekend. New to it, I hugled the recipe. *Never* have I baked something so buttery! It left a greasy print where it sat. Yum!

    Thanks Neil for being a fragrance kindred spirit and writing so beautifully.

  8. Martha

    In honor of your review, I sprayed my most creamy and pink rose perfume, Rose Extreme, on both wrists. Plus, my job was especially annoying today so comfort is a priority at the moment. How often does a Jubilee occur? I could swear that there was one in 1977 when I was last in London.

    • ! !

      I know, and this was last year so totally irrelevant, but I just felt like posting it again as no one seemed to read it the first time, and after the week I had I wanted something sweet. Rose Extreme? Who is that by?

  9. Martha

    I need to pay attention to the dates/years on your posts.

    Rose Extreme is by M. Micallef.

  10. elf

    you in that hat absolutely floors me!

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