Nuit Noire is a shocking perfume.


If you are uninitiated in the work of Orio, please remember this before you try it; then the top notes – the most feral, urinous, and  sexualized flower absolutes I have smelled – might not make you topple over in panic, losing your precious balance. Which is a very real possiblity, as Nuit Noire – a powerful, orientalist evocation of a hot night in Tunis – is most definitely not for the delicate of constitution. What ends as a sophisticated and intriguing leather floral begins, triumphantly, with a concentrated tuberose, cardamon and very indolic orange flower (a polite way of saying faecal), that for the first few seconds is almost unbearably graphic. One’s olfactory mechanisms blush accordingly; you may well flinch.











Essentially, with this unusual perfume we have the usual seduction in reverse. With a blinding orgy of sex organs and flower stamens we climax immediately.




Post orgasm, the sweat cools, the world fades back in, and we find ourselves serene and languorous, smoking post-coital cigarettes. Outside, the sounds and smells of Tunisia drift in.











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42 responses to “SEX AT THE SOUK: NUIT NOIRE by MONA DI ORIO (2006)

  1. brie

    I believe this may be one of the shortest posts you have written…is this something new you are trying out? But I must say your scintillating words still exist within the brevity…love this!
    Can you believe that I have NEVER tried a Mona? Even though there was ample opportunity as many a fragrant friend offered to send me samples…the only one I am REALLY interested in getting my hands on is her vanilla….as I am sure you are as well!

    Great review! and I will have those visuals and your words in my mind as I head off to bed…..

    • I will send you my sample. I need to know your response…..yet I feel that it might have the whole household screaming….

    • brie

      actually the kids are very tolerant of my insanity with perfumes and even indulge themselves…it is the hubby who baulks! But I would very much like to sample this one at work and give my mean spirited perfume despising co-worker something to complain about!

  2. Si

    Oh i love this fragrance, the opening is very suggestive and the dry down is heavenly. it gets better every time i wear it.

  3. Funny you should bring this one up. I was gifted with a tiny precious quarter-ml of it recently, proudly put it on as my husband waited in anticipation of some new olfactory delight, and extended my wrist to him. “WTF!!” was the response, silent on my part but just as heartfelt as his, and unfortunately on me the open has incredible tenacity. I refused to wash it off for almost 30 minutes, but when it had not improved much at that point, I had to scrub or spend the evening alone. I remain a fan of the vanille, but haven’t found another Mona that works for me, and this one reminds me of a buck goat.

  4. Lilybelle

    A buck goat, lol! I guess I’ll pass. I love your review, however. 🙂

  5. Lilybelle

    p.s. NOT that I have anything against goats. On the contrary, I’m quite fond of them.

    • Me too. I have two goats and love them dearly, however my desire to smell like the buck is minimal. Ginza, I should have added that this is a little masterpiece of vivid, to-the-point writing.

      • It IS brief, B, but only because that was all I could think of to say about it! I think you would loathe it. I might have to send you my sample to see if this is true.

      • brie

        Listen, Neil, I was smelling “beaverish” all day yesterday in my Sinan (actually two people complimented me, including the postal clerk who knows me by name as he is always mailing out packages for me…wonder if he secretly knows it’s perfume? I always say it is candy and tea!)…so you never know…I might just like this one!

      • Patchouli, castoreum, and gorgeous, naughty French roses – what’s not to like?!

      • Very nice of you to say so, Feral-san.

  6. Dubaiscents

    I was lucky enough (or maybe based on this review, unfortunate is the word most would use) to find this at Galleries Lafayette here in Dubai recently (they had a bunch of the original Mona scents and I got this one and Oiro). I think my skin somehow transforms skanky musk into something much more soft and cozy because I love how this one smells on me. Yes, it is not the easiest to wear but, it never veers into “Buck Goat” territory for me.
    I had actually been meaning to wear this again and when I saw your review I just had to put it on. I am layering it with some real ambre gris oil as a trial (and I don’t have anywhere to go today!). Wow! That is all I can think to say about it.
    Thanks for another of your smile inducing reviews!

    • This is why all this is so beautiful…when these creations do, as intended, work. I can imagine with the right skin type that it could be stunning, actually, as despite what I have written I do actually think of Nuit Noire as a good perfume. It is so intelligent, suave, weird.

    • Lucky you! I have never been a skank-amplifier- MKK is pretty and wearable on me- but this one was in a class by itself. Although, come to think of it, it’s quite lovely that someone made a “noire” perfume that’s actually dark. When I see black, noir, etc. in the names of mainstream scents, all I expect is that they will be marginally less fruity or zoo inc than the daytime version. You have reminded me to give Mona credit for making something truly out of the ordinary.

      • This is an extremely valid point I think, the whole ‘noir’ baloney.. and Black Night is captured pretty well here. I don’t think they were playing Canasta….

  7. Dearest Ginza
    These originals are notoriously hard to find, no?
    If I ever come across this sex club of scent I shall be sure to let swinging instincts take over, against my better judgement of course.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  8. Can’t think of a reply to that, dear Dandy. You have floored me.

  9. Swans, eh? You know, Dandy, in southern Florida there is a famous sea turtle, some 4 feet across the shell, who is notorious for trying to mate with scuba divers. Evidently it is trickier than you might think to remain unravished in those waters. True, this is in the wild and lawless Keys, but the more I think about it, there’s no reason why some staid British swan shouldn’t suddenly throw away his repressions and discover his inner Zeus. I do hope for your sake that you aren’t wearing Nuit Noire when this happens or you will be, so to speak, a sitting cygnet.

  10. This was very evocative of how that perfume smells. 🙂
    I love all of Mona’s perfumes, but it took me a while to “get” the first line.
    I do love Nuit Noire – I don’t wear it much though. It requires careful consideration before you decide to spray it on. 😉

  11. I love all of Mona’s fragrances! Funnily, I can’t seem to remember this one… must have missed it because it sounds unforgettable 😉

  12. cookie queen

    Having just returned from Fragranze in Florence, I am wearing this on one arm and the Myrrh Casati on the other, whilst making cookie dough balls. Quite decadent. xxx

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