To a person in shock we administer brandy. The perfumed equivalent – a warm, nerve-smoothing balm – may well be Teint de Neige….


Lorenzo Villoresi’s creation is perhaps the ultimate comfort scent : so warm, huggable and calming it can make you sigh. The wintery name might suggest some cold, snowy scent, but don’t be fooled: the only snow in this picture is outside. You yourself are cuddled up, bath-clean and contented, with a mug of coffee, an iced donut, and your favourite magazine. From the kitchen window, snow flakes are falling on the garden –  gently; languidly, in a slow, muffled world of silence.

























The teint ( ‘complexion’ ) of the name refers to the Florentine perfumer’s stated aim of capturing the essence of a powdered, snow-flushed cheek – a honey-rich, almond-tinted dusting: ambered; musked; with rose and powdery heliotrope; thick, sweet, poudré, and plush.


Rather than the  fin-de-siècle Guerlainish refinement you might expect from such a treatment, however, this scent is no coddled and puffed up odalisque: no, this is more a simple, and instant, pleasure; lovable; instantly familiar, like all the comfort smells rolled into one (Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Powder included). Soft as a baby’s bum: sweet, soft;  lovely.








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  1. Dearest Ginza
    What beautiful images!
    Oh that it would snow here… one can endure anything but endless rain you know.
    It would be heaven for it to be cold and to find comfort beneath duvets as deep as snow drifts.
    Smelling of this scent… J&J’s you say, most familiar with this perfume again after a weekend cradling the tiny new addition to The Dandy clan.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. That sounds cozy and delicious. It makes me think of my little discovery: Nobile 1942 La Danza dell libellule. Normally I run shrieking away from apple fragrances, but this smells like the most delicious red apple bathed in cinnamon-scented vanilla caramel and swaddled in fur. I will send you a sample!

    • It sounds divine.

      Teint De Neige, if you are a sweet powder hater, is like hell on earth I would imagine: like being smothered in it, being fed on fine scented powder until you choke.

      I love it.

      • I’m okay with powder. I’m okay with almost anything but fruity purple patchouli and shampoo.

      • I think you should try it. Teint De Neige is a modern classic that has endured. Surprisingly, it is Isetan Shinjuku’s best selling Villoresi, vanillic but so romantic and yes, on some people cloying, but I don’t see it that way. The Biscuit needs to test it!

  3. Reblogged this on The Black Narcissus and commented:

    Just had a very welcome hospital soap and the body soap reminded me of this. Suddenly wish I had my bottle with me.

  4. Your bottle will be eagerly awaiting your arrival back home. I feel exactly the same way as you do about Teint De Neige. The most calming scent I have ever experienced and it smells 100% better than a Valium.

  5. MrsDalloway

    Love the pictures. It sounds like an offspring of FM L’Eau d’Hiver and Ombre Rose with more vanilla, or is that way off beam?

    • No that’s pretty close actually. I can’t believe I have never reviewed Ombre Rose. But I think this is of similar quality ( though sweeter). When you are in the right mood though Teint De Neige is really gorgeous.

  6. You’re speaking my language. I hoarded little sample vials of this circa 2003, and I miss it.

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