He drifted off, blissfully, in the sand……………..SUMMER by KENZO (2005)

He drifted off, blissfully, in the sand……………..SUMMER by KENZO (2005).


Just scored another bottle of this today, much needed.


Has a scent ever been more summery, more beachy?


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10 responses to “He drifted off, blissfully, in the sand……………..SUMMER by KENZO (2005)

  1. Holly

    Interesting. I have never tried a single Kenzo. That I remember, anyway. I see that Summer is still available at discounters here for damn cheap. However, I’m not sure if it’s part of your personal summer reverie that might not translate. Mine involves a highly chlorinated outdoor pool, boxwoods, and a wet standard poodle. Black.
    I sent you an email, btw. If it didn’t register, mine is harukirumi@yahoo.com

    • This definitely wouldn’t work for everyone and chlorinated pools could even come out in this perfume, which has a somewhat synthetic vibe despite its sunshine brilliance.

      Will email you.

      • Holly

        I just got my mini of Summer. Astonishing. As in I love it. It reminds me of something from childhood, but I’m not sure what. I’m huffing away, trying to find the connection. I think it may be that the synthetic note may be similar to those inflatable beach/pool toys. I always loved the smell of new vinyl (or whatever that was) back when I was a kid.

  2. Sun Mi

    I’ve never smelled this either, but I just picked up a bottle of Bronze Goddess for those same reasons – so summery and beachy (and resort-like)!

    • DYING to smell that one, as it is my one coconut grail I have yet to smell (and of course, they don’t sell it in Japan……such a boring country perfume wise). I imagine Bronze Goddess being smooth and perfect: this Kenzo is quite an oddity, very original, and probably why it was discontinued. It has a sharp cut grass smell that blends with the beachy sun tan cream mimosa and almond milk that made instant sense to me, but it might be a bit too….vivid or something for others. I Love it though and am delighted to have it again. Going on my work shirt today.

  3. Remember this from when I worked at Sephora. Very nice summer scent, definitely had a poolside vibe to it.

  4. Hey Buddy,
    I love summer scents and find myself enjoying ozone, aquatic, salty and coconut accords more and more lately. Who knows why the change but I love to spritz the summer mid winter.
    Portia xx

    • Oh my goodness yes it’s winter chez vous. How horrific.
      We have to do our ‘conversations with’ thing, by the way. I am yearning for a Shalimar fest or whatever else comes up. Maybe on Facebook messenger soon.

    • Do you know this, by the way? I wore it today at work and could not have been happier. That feeling when the scent surrounding you is utter perfection; present but not in your face, a white aura with green and yellow elements glinting in the backdrop. It is so immediately uplifting I love it.

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