ANAIS ANAIS by Cacharel ( 1978 )

    For the writer Anaïs Nin, if you dare enter the diluvial self-obsession of her journals, life was a neverending rush of hypersensitivity.  She was  too precious, almost, to live.

Source: ANAIS ANAIS by Cacharel ( 1978 )


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2 responses to “ANAIS ANAIS by Cacharel ( 1978 )

  1. Zubeyde Erdem

    I was chatting with my friend who was in bad mood just two days ago. Suddenly, I started to search my hand bag to find that one (lately she fits with my mood so I always carry with myself. ) I said ” smell it then you will forget the rest of those things” to make her comfort. It was Anais Anais 20 ml eau de parfum bottle.

    • How lovely: and great to have you back! I can definitely understand this though because I also find something calming about Anais Anais- it is yin rather than yang, certainly: soothing rather than stimulating.

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