The Black Narcissus

Skull 1988, printed 1990 by Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989

There have been a couple of very interesting articles regarding the sense of smell in the New York Times recently. The first one describes recent medical research contending that loss of olfaction, particularly in old age, is a fairly reliable precursor of oncoming death. More than any other health indicator – blood pressure, liver function and other weakenings of our vital signs included, the severing of the connection between the brimming sensual world of smell and its woozy inhalations apparently seems to suggests an end to life itself.

Like most people, I have absolutely no idea what happens when we die. Whether there is an afterlife of some kind, some form of rebirth in another incarnation, or, quite likely, the simple cessation of it all – a great, silent nothing. A confirmed agnostic, I take what is to me the most logical and sensible viewpoint – that we simply do…

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3 responses to “SMELL & DEATH

  1. mochamousse

    This reminds me of Jitterbug Perfume. Where purgatory is defined as a place without smells, because if we retain our sense of smell, we will not be able to give up our worldly connections.

  2. mochamousse

    And can I say I love your blog. Been binge reading your posts, your description of Japan, scents, tuberose (a personal favourite) is great.

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