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12 responses to “VIOLET VOLNYKA by HERMES (2022)

  1. Andrea Khor

    Thank you! That’s an interesting review. Thefts! 



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  2. Cath

    You know what, I’m really liking this one. Of course I’m a leather ho’ so keep that in mind. To my nose it’s more leather than violet. It’s not as pretty as Cuir d’Ange, more butch, for when I want to wear my riders jacket rather than my suede coat.

  3. A

    I wanted to love it. A tad disappointed that I don’t. It is dominant leather, not violet. The violet is fleeting, too fleeting even for a reclusive violet. And I am not a leather fan. But I’ll be interested to hear the reaction of the Black Narcissus and others.

    Great name though. I wanted to know more about Volynka. In case of interest:

    • Wow

      Not great political timing for Hermes perhaps, but quite fascinating

      Can’t wait to lay my nose on this mother – your phrase ‘indistinct floral’ made me think of the abhorrent Jour D’Hermes (HAAAAAATE that kind of disgustingly ‘demure’, chemical floral – but we shall see

      I personally prefer Nagel to Ellena

  4. OnWingsofSaffron

    The Hermès website waxes lyrically about an “unexpected combination” of materials. Come on: Jolie Madame did this, what seventy years ago? Never mind.
    What really peeves me is the newish Hermès policy introduced after Covid in Germany. During the peak of Corona, only a defined number of shoppers per square meter were allowed to enter the premises. Hermès has kept that on! Now shoppers have to queue in front of the shop and wait till some S.A. graciously opens the locked door and lets them enter. All in the name of some once in a lifetime shopping experience.
    My foot; they just want to keep out the riffraff like me browsing through their fragrances, and only let in shoppers who will buy some silk scarf for three thousand Euros plus in in their glorified consumers` temple.
    All of that to say, it is impossible to just go to Hermès, take a quick sniff & spritz, and be on your way.

    • Ha !

      Somewhere in the archives there is the story of fuming and slamming the Hermes Marunouchi door in fury at the pointlessly snobbish treatment I received by some dressed up lowlife that deigned to consider immediately superior to this riffraff simply because it was wearing white fucking gloves : such behavior is galling in the extreme and deserves a big slap round the chops.

      The concession in Yokohama is mildly better : as long as you walk in with the right cold aura of confidence you can get away with approaching the holy Hermessences.

      Basically though, fuck it : you have nailed the Hermes head

    • Ps – Jolie Madame : my immediate thought also. I have a vintage and it still smells so good

  5. This could be interesting, but terrible name choice at this point in time.
    I have to say, the the Hermès boutique in Boston has always treated me with nothing but the utmost respect and courtesy. They have even been very generous with samples when I have not purchased anything. I guess I have been a lucky lady.

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