In Ueno Park


































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9 responses to “In Ueno Park

  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for such glorious photos! I long to be there and enjoy such beauty in person.
    You made my day, once again, which needed a little something special in it.

  2. Such beautiful photos…I have always wanted to visit Japan but your photos will probably be the closest I will get to it. Thank you for posting them!

  3. Dear Mr G
    Three wows in a row. Spring. Spring. Spring. Pretty, no gorgeous in pink And white.
    Here March strode in like a … . Yesterday night I went to Bach’s Passion of St Matthew with my friend Arina. We both came out with the final chorale ringing in our ears to be met with an icebear in a hurry to prove that there exists such an element as polar wind.
    Your images are the proof of bloom to come. We await it in Patience …
    Greetings from an Amsterdam on the brink of changing seasons.
    PS In a floral longing for hyacinths I wore Grand Amour, well matched with the wood of Jesus’ cross.

  4. Such a comfort in this Passion. Blossom!

  5. jennyredhen

    I was in Ueno Park this time last year. It was a wonderful experience I went again to the Zoo to see the giant Pandas. Everyone was very happy and having a great time. Japanese people really know how to have a simple good time. Next time I am in Japan I want to go to some more far flung Cherry Blossom parks than the central City ones. After Ueno park I went to that traditional Market next to it I forget its name and bought a bag and shoes. i get comments on that bag everywhere. I have worn the shoes constantly.Both Bargains… I also bought 2 10 bob watches that have fallen apart. The watches still work but the straps have collapsed. A great afternoon out in Tokyo. I never got to the Art Galley or Museum which are also in Ueno Park… next time. You could spend a lot of time in the Ueno area and the station is quite easy for a tourist to negotiate.

    • I love that area too: the old Tokyo; the museums, but also the retro market area you talk about – Amerikadori or something. All joke shops and stands of various types – I even bought a costume for our Sexual Emergency party there. Fantastic area to waste a day.

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