OH MY GOD I LOVE, LOVE THIS !! ( that mutually fantastic moment when you find a person their perfect, soul-tailored, made-to-measure perfume…..)

The Black Narcissus







It has been a great two weeks. Off from work, cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo; piano, films, exhibitions, lying around doing nothing, finding vintage perfumes in antique shops, my kind of time. Quite sociable as well: although these days D and I seem to be swapping our traditional extroversion/introversion ( I am now, in some ways, veering more towards the latter, finding social situations a stressful bind, while he is Mr Bonhomie), we have intermittently been catching up with old friends, acquaintances, and enjoyably for me, I am pleased to say, made some new ones as well.


Image         me the f**ng poser

and the


d in Tokyo


I was a bit worried about Sunday night, though, as a whole bunch of people I didn’t know were coming round for dinner;  friends of Duncan’s and their friends as well, and I didn’t know what to expect. In any case…

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