just picked the first narcissus from my garden



January 28, 2017 · 2:22 am

10 responses to “just picked the first narcissus from my garden

  1. Love that scent. Wow, early?! We’re YEARS away from blooming bulbs. . .

  2. jennyredhen

    Hooray… That means Spring will come!!

  3. Flowers blooming are always such a nice sight to see, especially when spring seems so far away. Enjoy!!

    • We are having, as is often the case, one of those deceptive ‘spring is coming’ feelings in the air here (then again, the fact that narcissus and plum blossom are every where to be seen does make it look like it as well), but then this is usually – but not always – followed by a miserable freezing February with snow. I am one of those people who responds to anything vernal like an animal – I just feel naturally exhilarated by it. Fortunately, this sensation doesn’t seem to be diminishing with age. I guess that is the beauty of winter in a way, which I do love in a sense: the cocooning and the coziness and the aspect of ‘closing down’, but then the rush of newness the second the flowers come. Which ones will you experience first where you are?

      • The fist ones to usually come forth are the daffodils. They spring up pretty early. Next will come the muguet, lily of the valley, but I have to go searching for those a bit. There is a long delay after seeing the daffodils before seeing other flowers. The daffodils just seem to be early bloomers.

      • They are ultimately just too yellow and yolky for me. In England after a while they almost become like garish eyesores. I like the more petite and collected but simultaneously much more concentrated and scentedly narcotic quality of the narcissus.

  4. I agree, narcissus are so much nicer. Sadly, the prior owners planted many, many daffodils and I just can’t seem to get rid of them. They just keep coming back year after year.

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