SHE:;:;:;: LA TULIPE (2010) + INFLORESCENCE by BYREDO (2013)

It is almost time for the tulips.   Tulips: fierce, erect : pushing up through the soil… Solid.   Odourless……






Source: SHE:;:;:;: LA TULIPE (2010) + INFLORESCENCE by BYREDO (2013)


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3 responses to “SHE:;:;:;: LA TULIPE (2010) + INFLORESCENCE by BYREDO (2013)

  1. Thomas Harwell

    I’ve read along with your post for quite some time. I’m a fragrance freak… started about 2 years ago, and I have enough for probably 2 or 3 lifetimes. I truly enjoy your perspectives and excellent writing style. Sometimes scent is the only relief I can find. America is rotting, and Texas has me feeling isolated and culturally punished. Ooof. Stress and worry… wonder, and hope. It’s a psychic roller coaster ride with constant alarms and sirens screeching through my brain… lots of brains. Nothing seems to slow the oh-so-famous madman. It is a supernatural sort of force, wherein many supposedly kind and gentle people fawn to enact the agenda of one who has no heart, no empathy, no anything good. Brute power is working, and I refuse to accept that. Thanks for following along. Facebook is too much a bitter minefield, but I can’t seem to look away either. The need to be informed versus the needs to stay sane is a tightline without netting.

    • I understand perfectly. It is all CONSTANTLY there, and terrifying.

      But we must have beauty and escape too. What kind of scent do you go for?

      • Thomas Harwell

        I really like the entire ranges. Started with older heavy ones, like Safari, Brooks Brothers 1818, Egoiste(s), Worth, Equipage, Vetiver-Guerlain, Rocabar, many old oakmoss explosives, which I tired of fairly quickly. I began with bottles, but I mainly do samples now. If I had to pick favorites, some would be Rochas Lui, De Profundis, L`Air du Desert Marocain, Duc de Vervins, Wald, the original Green Water, all the Allure versions, African Leather, Narciso Rodriguez- men, Norne, Absinth( Nasomatto), pretty heavy ones tend to attract me. I will wear some women’s too, Coromandel, Chanel 5, some others. Try not to let labels define. One flower I do not tend to enjoy is orange blossom. I once gave away a whole bottle of Nikos Sculpture because to me it smelled just like an Enchilada dinner. It’s very rare that I don’t like something, and I grow to like some after not liking in the beginning. I also like nearly all foods too, so I’m really not too picky with either scents or tastes. A new one I tried and like is Lvx by Inspiritu. I like citruses a lot too. I write too, but counseling addicts is my main job. I’ve written a lot of weird political opinion over the last 9-10 years, but it’s mostly been unread. I happened to write a piece on Trump in 2011 called “ Birther of a Nation.” Here’s the final paragraph, if you don’t mind: “Trump is hoping to sell America a paint-peeled used car that has no engine and three bald tires for 289 times what the junker is actually worth. He wants to fondle your teen daughter in the back seat of the thing too. Donald Trump represents everything that’s wrong with America in 2011. He is far too rich and far too famous– and he receives more of the former by maintaining a tenuous grip upon the latter. Donald Trump’s dumbly proud blaming of Barrack Obama for ascending to the presidency of the United States is a sickened diorama that openly paints a specter of rot upon the political horizons for the future. The filth flows freely in America these days–and it bears the nauseating image of a mad gush of sewer water gleaming off a rat’s pupils.”….. I hadn’t read that piece for years… had mostly forgotten its content, then re-read straight before the November election. Not bragging on my writing style, but damn, think I intuited things pretty damn well back in 2011…. Thanks for answering, and I will be back around. I really enjoy your gauge on humanity and culture. And the wonderful pictures. These aspects of your site are quite interesting to me. The writing is nice and interpretationally descriptive.

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