on O S M A N T H U S

it’s two weeks early :

(and have you ever thought of making an osmanthus jelly?)






Source: on O S M A N T H U S


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6 responses to “on O S M A N T H U S

  1. Mingzhe Wang

    First of all, really like your blog!! Thank you! I haven’t made jelly with osmanthus, is that a Japanese thing? However, osmanthus flower is so commonly used with food in China and it is one of my most favorite scent. I grew up with osmanthus trees, and every year in late summer/early autumn my walk to school was filled with its fragrance.

    • How lovely. We are in the middle of the osmanthus season right now and as I said in this piece, we have by far the biggest osmanthus tree in the neighbourhood. What kind of food is it used in? I have not even tried osmanthus Chinese tea and I LOVE the idea of that!

      • Mingzhe Wang

        Oh, in China, it is often added to sweet red bean soup, plum drinks, also in this dessert where lotus root is filled in the holes with sticky rice, steamed, then drizzled with osmanthus syrup. Of course osmanthus oolong tea is popular as well. Enjoy the blooms! 🙂

  2. That is gorgeous. I love floral notes in edibles. Given that osmanthus has that apricot note, it seems a natural. Rose, orange blossom . . . and just the other day, jasmine, in a macaron from Bon Macaron on Granville Island. Too subtle. I wanted to be hit over the head with indolics!

  3. Yui

    I have the annoying habit of shouting “Kinmokuseeeiiiii!” every time I get the season’s first whiff of it – that’s how much it excites me. My grandparents’ house in Yamanashi is sandwiched by two big osmanthus trees so if I visit at the right time, the house smells heavenly. It’s better than any room spray money can buy.
    I’ve heard it’s often used in apricot liquer as well, unsurprisingly.

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