Sometimes you smell a perfume that, despite your inner misgivings, for whatever reason they may be, just totally hits the spot.





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3 responses to “TOM FORD OUD WOOD INTENSE (2017)

  1. I think the sheer preponderance of oud has made anything with oud in it smell basically tedious (even though about a decade or so ago I used to really love it and wear it in droves). Sometimes I still like a well done, effortless oud like Oud Et Musc by Cartier. This new version of Oud Wood though really does smell like The Last Word On Oud. Nothing left to say. Someone extremely attractive, with complete, almost arrogant, confidence in himself, dressed a little too self consciously well, in an expensive leather jacket who doesn’t have any need to say anything at all.

  2. David

    Love the Marlon Teixeira photo. He definitely fits the extremely attractive profile…. I think we all have some misgivings about Tom Ford fragrances. I’ve been enjoying reading the reactions on forums about his new one, Fucking Fabulous. The name itself and, of course, the price is throwing many into tizzies. He makes no excuses that his stuff is for the wealthy. So, as Billie Holiday sings, God bless the child who’s got his own. I have bought a few of his fragrances and enjoyed wearing them. They make me feel confident and assured. Job well done….Another line I have complete misgivings about is Bond No 9. I can’t wear most of their fragrances, but when I was living in Tokyo, I found a box of 15 of their “bonbon” samples and enjoyed Chinatown and West Broadway. I’m wearing West Broadway right now on this hot São Paulo day, I’m enjoying the musky lime so much . Enjoyment. More please.

    • Somehow I just could never get interested in Bond No 9 for some reason. And though I have been wary of Tom Ford at times, in the light of the recent pap like Gabrielle, I am starting to think that he actually is quite a good mid ground; not vintage, not tedious niche (so bored of SO MUCH of this thin shit with unbearable copy), and not mainstream either. They are really strong, even exciting SMELLS, if you know what I mean. I don’t feel that Tom Ford is phoning it in – it feels quite heartfelt and passionate in a way, in that Tom Ford, airless, jet set kind of way. This Oud Wood Intense is utterly familiar in many ways but it’s so well composed that I couldn’t help reacting the way I did. I know that I would personally quite easily be seduced by it.

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