INTO THE WHITE:::::::::::: NEROLI 36 by LE LABO (2006)


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15 responses to “INTO THE WHITE:::::::::::: NEROLI 36 by LE LABO (2006)

  1. You have just conjured that last scene of Veronika Voss for me in all its hideous whiteness! I love this review though am feeling the claustraphobia! Must now smell this perfume. x

    • ginzaintherain

      I loved it, thought the WHITENESS was amazing, initially. Duncan had unusually severe reactions against it, and we both ended up concluding it was sheer horror!

  2. ginzaintherain

    actually i could skip all my wordy image-conjuring business and encapsulate Neroli 36 in two words: AIR FRESHENER!

  3. ginzaintherain

    People do love it though, and I understand why, because I did too. If you get JUST the right amount, and are wearing perfectly starched clean clothes, on a sunny day you really could give off the feeling of a beach-side promenade, or of sheets blowing in a flower meadow. There is a lot of BREATH there, but somehow ultimately it is too scientific.

  4. Great sense of humor !! Now.. how to find……

  5. ginzaintherain

    Reblogged this on The Black Narcissus.

  6. brie

    Glad to see you back!

    • ginzaintherain

      Thankyou, though I am not really; just reblogging old stuff from my iPhone. I will be up and running again in a few days if we get the blasted computer sorted out.

      Meanwhile, ANOTHER of your wonderful packages has arrived. I will thankyou properly by email later, but thankyou so much.

      N x

  7. Stephen

    Good to see you are back and in fine fettle! I get that ‘bright’ thing off l’Eau Serge as well, maybe a similar structure going on. Very boring for the wearer, but wonderful for the folk you come in contact with-provided it’s brief! Your images sum this up perfectly!

  8. When I first saw that you were reviewing this, I thought “why”, it is an older fragrance that I thought was not so wonderful. I have generous samples of Le Labo’s fragrances and was once intrigued by Iris 39. When I wore it to work one day everyone screamed…but then of course they would scream at Chanel #19 Poudre, which I wear often because it is so benign in my mind…and I actually really love it. But one day I wore Le Labo’s Santal 33 and was chastized by the owner of the company. So now the only Le Labo fragrance I can get away with wearing to work is Rose 31, which I really love even though it was supposed to be geared to men. I wonder what reaction I would get with Neroli 36 of which I do have a sample. One of my favorites is a very small bottle of Tubereuse 40 which I bought at the store for a very large price considering the very small size. It was the New York scent. I believe (but not certain) that now that they have been sold, one may be able to purchase all scents on line. (I have discretely worn the Tubereuse 40 at work but in a very minute spray.)

    • Tubereuse 40. LOVE it also (and a big, meandering, America-related review in the pipeline at some point). Optimistic orange blossom, fresh and settling to the nerves. We are on the same page.

      This, though, on reflection, is quite hideous .

  9. Le Labo scents have always left me a bit cold. In theory they sound lovely, in reality they never work for me.
    They have quite the following, so it may just be the way my skin absorbs and disperses the scent.
    I do love the way you equate the scent to blinding white. People think of white as being so neutral, yet it is so terribly harsh and severe in its way.
    It is interesting for a neroli scent to come across as so clean and white, as if it were respirating. Most of the time it has a bit of curdled sweetness at its core which makes it veer toward the saccharin, more so than the stark and fresh air openness.
    Very nice repost.

  10. Although I am not at all intrigued to try this hyper hygienic scent, I LOVE that you referenced on of my favorite novels that I read back in 1982. I just thought The Magic Mountain to be a marvelous evocation of a time and place that I will never forget.

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