Apologies, and thanks, to you lovely people who have somehow come across this site, but The Black Narcissus is currently too befouled and maddened by the sado-masochistic realities of the Japanese education system; too mind-fucked to post a word.

Shall return anon when the wonders return of themselves.


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11 responses to “BLACK AS TAR

  1. ginzaintherain

    o i am not exaggerating

  2. Lol.. WUT??? no.. WTF???

  3. ginzaintherain

    I am currently in the middle of the so-called ‘Summer Seminar’, where Japanese kids basically have NO summer break (no, really: no holiday at all…..) ‘Club activities’ (baseball, basketball, orchestra etc) all day, and then prep school (where I work) all evening. Almost every day of the holiday. I am even working today: Sunday! Where in Europe or the States the kids come back new and refreshed in September, here they are exhausted zombies, much as they do actually love their clubs and do actually seem to enjoy my classes, believe it or not. But I am exhausted, extremely irritable, and in desperate need of free time. Perfumes and their words are trapped somewhere in the back of my brain but won’t come out. Ugh

    • Seaglasslvr

      Then take a much needed break!

      • ginzaintherain

        In Japan? You are kidding me. One does not ‘take’ a break here, ever. I am lucky as I get quite a lot, apart from at this time, but my Japanese colleagues are essentially slaves. You wouldn’t believe how hard they have to work. Tomorrow I have a day off and shall be swanning about Yokohama, possibly checking out the ‘recycle’ shops which often yield perfumed treasures. Last time I got a vintage Caron Nocturnes Eau de Cologne……Any such finds will be sure to boost this withered creature’s energy levels! What do you do, if I may ask? Polish your sea glass?

      • Seaglasslvr

        Would love to tell you.. Have an email?

      • seaglasslvr

        Email addy requested

  4. elf

    black as tar myself these days……..

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