..in which I infiltrate the industry



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16 responses to “..in which I infiltrate the industry

  1. This was the day after I arrived back from Japan and I was majorly jet-lagged, hungover, exhausted and puffy, but glad to be sitting next to dear Persolaise.

    I remember saying something about plum blossom and narcissus and piercing sadness ( or some other crap ) but instead this edit features me talking about the industry.

    It was an interesting learning experience.

  2. Robin

    A star is born!

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen and heard you talking. So glad of it, Neil; now I can put a voice and “way” about you to your writing. A very good sound bite. Concise, eloquent, true. You come across marvellously. Really grounded and wise. (We know your other moods!) Dying to know more . . .

  3. I agree with Robin! Thanks so much for posting this…I really enjoyed it.

  4. Nancyg

    It is a wonderful chance to integrate another aspect of you. Your writing voice is how we know you, and to add your speaking voice to it is a gift to us.

  5. jennyredhen

    So who were the winners???

    • We had to judge 25 fragrances: fortunately I am able to form opinions instantaneously abouf perfumes – even if you should, of course, ultimately spend more time with them, get to know the base notes properly etc.

      There were some very innovative ( if for me repugnant) perfumes like Burning Rose by somebody or other – really interesting, the way it morphed, but I personally can’t abide bonfire/barbecue notes in perfumes : maybe I was burnt at the stake in another life or something.

      Each judge liked different things, but the one everyone quite liked -particularly in the top notes ( and the eventual winner ) was Memo’s Marfa Spices – a glowing, creamy tuberose.

      It was fun actually, even if I was possibly being a bit overbearing and suggesting we -THE JURY – discuss all the entries like the films at the Cannes film festival, when most people just wanted to jot down their ratings and scores privately ( these were collected at the end).

      I hadn’t prepared anything to say though ( I literally arrived the day before: a 24 hour flight from Tokyo via Istanbul), and am very camera shy, so that part was a bit hard – Persolaise is far more eloquent – but it’s fascinating seeing how these things get spliced and whipped into shape like this.

  6. Tara C

    Pity we didn’t get to hear more from you, but it was nice to put a face and a voice to your name. Are you allowed to reveal the winners or has it not been announced yet?

  7. I love it! What fun to see you and the other judges.

  8. Jake

    Neil! You have a lovely speaking voice. Complements your lovely words. Glad to see you next to Persolaise, whom I’m also a fan of.

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