…..Apparently a royal variation on Bergmatto di Positano by Floris, appointees to the Queen (didn’t think much of the colour of her suit yesterday, but anyway), and a scent that didn’t make that much of an impression last time I smelled it but one that I imagine must be perfectly nice on Meghan Markle, who from what I have seen, in a couple of love dove interviews, is rather lovely. And very attractive (as, it must be added, is Prince Harry). Quite the sexy couple, really. I wish them well. Not that I am a royalist. But I am not an anti-royalist either – I don’t really have particularly strong feelings either way – but if we are going to have a Duchess Of Sussex then she may as well be someone who is obviously intelligent, compassionate, and who might exert some positive change in the world with her newfound role. Plus, in perfume terms, it must be said, one who, rather than donning the scent of virginal, sacrificial flowers as one might expect in this context – the new, role-burdened bearer of heirs in a lineage of people who could have their heads cut off by their spouse if they ever found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead opted unconventionally, and self-preservingly yesterday, for the scent of sea, and sun: positivity, and happiness. 


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  1. MrsDalloway

    Excellent, and she says perfume is her favourite thing and she goes home again if she’s forgotten to put any on. One of us! Not so sure about Jo Malone but Wood Sage etc is OK.

    I like that Kate apparently wore Dune as a signature scent for years pre marriage – interesting choice.

    • Dune is actually a VERY interesting choice for someone her age. Odd, actually.

      As for Wood Sage Salt or whatever it is called, strangely enough I smelled that yesterday in Takashimaya, Yokohama. Not bad, but nothing to shout home about (but then again, who knows how it smells on her? Could be amazing for all we know). I like the idea that she cares about it though – I thought she might, which is why I checked. Somehow seeing her standing in that situation (can you IMAGINE the stress and pressure?!) I imagined that she must at least be wearing some scent to calm the nerves and feel stronger in the moment. If she had gone some bluebell, sacrificial flower route I would have been disappointed. I actually prefer this simply ‘pleasant’ decision. It suggests balls.

  2. Tara C

    It’s great that she loves perfume, even if her tastes seem more pedestrian than us oddball, hardcore perfumistas. I think they are a lovely couple and wish them every happiness.

    And I thought the queen looked stunning in my two favourite colours. 🙂

    • What is the name of that specific colour? Though pale, and springlike, Liz’s strayed too close to my bete noire, acid lime, which I associate with hideous cyclists in lycra and eye-curling visual offence in general. I respect the woman in many ways, but she is a total dowd and always has been!

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    How are Royals attitudes to wearing scent?
    I imagine that anything too present or up close personal would be definitely off limits.
    And also it would be an unfair advantage to other perfumes, as Couture is more out of reach money wise.
    If I were Q or R, I would have my own very personal Royal Nose, creating something Unique for me.
    Imagine the Wanting to discover the Secret hullabaloo..

    • Exactly. I mean this WAS bespoke, apparently, but just a tweaked version of an existing Floris citrus. What I liked about this though is the Americanness of it: the clean upbeatness: to me it feels quite rebellious – all that pomp and circumstance and regalia but just smelling like a girl in California on her way to Starbucks. That’s one thing I love so much about perfume. You can create your own private world that can say f you to your surroundings – it can ground you in your own reality.

  4. Robin

    What I want to know: what did you and Duncan think of Reverend Michael Curry’s sermon?

    • I only glimpsed at bits of it but could tell I would have been squirming like anything if I had watched more than even a snippet of him:that total American earnestness in such a setting is exciting in its newness, but still from the British perspective, almost UNBEARABLE

      • Robin

        I watched the faces in the church the cameras caught at the time, including those of the royal family, and wasn’t sure what to make of the expressions and the body language. Would you have a guess? There has been quite a bit of controversy about the sermon and speculation about the reaction of the wedding guests. My own reaction certainly ran the gamut.

      • Me too. D had no interest in any of it at all, I only skimmed for the essentials, but I agree about the frozen looks of bemusement. I am pretty Americanised now after all these years in Japan with US friends etc (plus the people I talk to on here), but in THAT context, THAT voice, would have been quite a shock. Even if the words, and the sentiments (so I am told) were absolutely spot on.

      • Tara C

        Well, I am Canadian and I was squirming. I thought the sermon was overlong and completely out of place in a British royal wedding. Obviously I am in the minority as I see gushing positive comments all over the internet, but I thought the whole wedding service screamed, « I am a black American » in that typically attention-seeking over-the-top American fashion. It was all about her and putting her race and culture up in the faces of the British elite.

        There were some tasteful choices, like the black cellist who was young musician of the year and the black archbishop who spoke, but the southern baptist-style preacher, the gospel singing and the ululating cries were too much. Looking at the way she styles her hair and clothing I’m willing to bet she doesn’t go to that kind of church every Sunday, it was just a show and a disingenuous one at that. Perhaps I’m too much of a traditionalist, but for me a royal wedding is an occasion of solemnity and decorum, not to mention respect for traditions. It’s fine to add a few small individual touches but this whole personalization thing rubs me the wrong way. It’s not all about you, Meghan. But she will find that out soon enough.

  5. Robin

    Tara, thank you for putting your finger on what I — a fellow Canadian — was reluctant to think, wanting to be inclusive and supportive and enlightened and progressive about it all (and honestly being that kind of person), but who had the same gut reaction all the same.

    • Robin

      I think that if Harry thought it was great, though, that’s cool!

      • Tara C

        I’m sure he enjoyed it, he’s no stodgy traditionalist. 🙂 I bet they had a good laugh afterwards about some of the reactions in the chapel.

      • Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

        I am not Canadian but I had the same reserve.
        Especially with the reverend: too rhetoric and overkilling, though sincere and well-meaning.
        I liked the chorus; I did not like their outfits, too much personal glamour and not suitable in a church!
        But anyhow, the statement was there ; and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
        I wish them God’s speed.

  6. I am sure it rocked the boat a bit, and I kind of love that as I am also a bit of a provocateur: I love the idea of Meghan, demure on the outside, thinking fuck it, I am going to introduce one side of my background FULLY here, whether it is traditional or not, and then just DOING IT. There is a fantastic power, there – I love her cojones. She will probably be quietly chastised for it later, but it made a very big statement, and I admire her for it. It’s just the sheer almost patronising nature of the preacher that I wouldn’t be able to stand: I imagine that there were so many clenched toes in that chapel that some were eventually fractured.

  7. MrsDalloway

    He was recommended by the Archbishop of Canterbury and is head of the Episcopal Church in the US so not that rebellious a choice. The expressions of the Royal F were funny though. My mum is Very Christian and adored it. They formed a little party to watch it at the vicarage.

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