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Is it the end of perfume?


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  1. Filomena

    NOTHING. It is stupid to spend $$$$ on perfume that smells like nothing. I that is how one wants to smell, just put on some unscented lotion and be done with it.

  2. Robin

    Might be an improvement over marshmallow, caramel, praline et al.

  3. Cath

    Let them. I’m wearing Paris from 30 years ago and it’s amazing.

  4. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    It can’t be!!!
    It’s The Emperor’s New Fragrance Clothes,
    And the most scandalous is the PRICE. People just want to be cheated by commercial stingy wannabe sucking millionaires…
    As we say in Holland:” That makes my pants drop off” .
    Where is Monroe who slept in zChanel no 5? Save the planet from itself and people from falling for No Thing.
    The absolute ffing gall!!

  5. Katy McReynolds

    The consumers who might buy this are not the ones supporting the fragrance industry. We are. Also, do not dismiss the notion of smelling of nothing as equaling not the sweating masses. It is concept over content and affluenza to the max!

    • Scentless perfumes, definitely. Ridiculous.But it sounds like some of these have SOME smell, albeit faint. I guess here in Japan I am so starved of smelling perfume on a daily basis even Elevator Musid sounds exciting.

  6. Robin

    I do like Denyse’s take on things and she’s got it listed in this Spring’s Top Ten! Yikes. Guess I’ll have to rethink my unsniffed mild disdain for the genre:

    The arty one:
    Elevator Music by Off-White x Byredo
    This is plausible olfactory deniability played as concept: scent as unobtrusive background hum. Ben Gorham and Virgil Abloh presented it in Paris along with an installation by Carsten Höller, an artist who uses smells in some of his pieces (but not here). Elevator Music is not only a collab’ on a capsule colleciton: “the project attempts to define the least amount of information needed to understand a product’s context and background”. That said, the scent itself is lovely, a water-gorged earth and violet note with a faint, singed-wood aftertaste. Combined with the name, it conjures a metal box filled with the sounds/smells – smounds. — of mid-March forest. Just close your eyes, dear. It’ll be all right.

    • Yes, I have always thought she is a brilliant writer

      ( and now I want to smell it )

      • Robin

        Me too. I’m wondering if it’s the answer to the dreaded Fragrance Free Zone — like your school, or my local library/doctor’s office/thrift store (yes, thrift store, believe it or not; this is squeaky-clean Canada)?

  7. Robin

    Forgot the detail for those who don’t know: Denyse (Beaulieu) is the creator of Grain de Musc.

  8. OnWingsofSaffron

    No, not the end of perfume, just le dernier cri (at least proclaimed as such). Like flankers, there‘s got to be something new constantly. An endless stream of blabla public relations, the „discovery“ of new sensibilities, etc. Very often, these things turn out to be incredibly boring.
    Didn‘t we already have the high-power Dynasty days followed by more subdued green tea scents?

  9. Filomena

    That’s the problem…a constant onslaught of fragrances. When I got into the perfume mentality many years ago, there were just the basic classics, a few new houses and then of course the cheaper drug store scents. Not that many choices but at least we were not deluged and out of those pickings were classics, some new things and if you couldn’t afford any of those, some had the drug store genre to get by on. Now there seems to be at least a hundred new perfume releases every week…sometimes 5-10 within one perfume house. As much as I love perfume and as joyful I was when I could pursue my perfume passion via the Internet, it has now all been a bit too much for me and the excitement of a new release or a new perfume house discovery has lost some of its appeal. We have been saturated with new releases from familiar houses, along with even more from perfume houses we never heard of. It seems like everyone (including people who have never been even the slightest bit interested in perfume) is trying to jump on the bandwagon to make some bucks. The constant release of new perfumes from not only new houses but long standing ones trying to keep in the game has de-glamorized the artistry of perfumes in my opinion. There are too many perfumes out there now, albeit only a low percentage of which are innovative and beautiful scents.

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