moderately good goodies

This was our brief exchange this afternoon/ evening, in very different faraway parts of Kanagawa prefecture, this delightful ( still sealed !) selection, waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got home – apparently got for about £3.50; and for me anything but ‘moderately exciting.’

For me this was thrilling. All are cool and deliciously delicate and green, and will look perfect in my central perfume cabinet yesterday, which I thought needed some more flower covered boxes and voila ; l imagine the future bathing, and layering , and the thought of gardenias and lily of the valley make me already look forward to next early summer – May; June when hopefully things will blossoming as usual, and things willbe better.

In these vile, vicious and cruel times, such moments do make a difference


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13 responses to “moderately good goodies

  1. Tara C

    How thoughtful and lovely. I’d be excited to get those too. Haven’t tried their powders, but my husband brought back some Santa Maria Novella powders from Italy one year that were heavenly. Enjoy! It is indeed the small pleasures that will get us through these difficult times. Like you, I am setting my hopes on next spring for some relief. It is going to be a long slog through winter though.

  2. Robin

    Give your Duncan a hug from me. I know how good those sweet, thoughtful gestures of love feel. Never better in these dangerous times.

  3. Ps. I am appalled that somehow the font I use has been changed: did I press something? Has it been to me as an ‘updated version’This no longer looks like The Black Narcissus and is aesthetically void. Can anyone reading tell me how to get back to my natural state?

  4. Oooo!
    That lily of the valley tin is worth it for the lovely vintage packaging alone. What a fabulous find & thoughtful gift.
    Bravo D!

  5. Oh, how very thoughtful and lovely. I know they will bring you so much pleasure and joy.
    When I was little, my Mama used to give me Floris powders and such. I really liked powders when I was younger, and I never knew where she found them, but they delighted me.
    Hopefully when you use them, next spring, the world will be more on track and heading in the right direction. Until then, bon courage!!

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