the strain is real

just now at the station after another night of windowless teaching

how are you all doing?

i am K N A C K E R E D


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17 responses to “the strain is real

  1. Wild tangerines picked naughtily from a tree up the hill: sucked out the juice, tarter than the sourest grapefruit but GIVING ME LIFE

  2. Tara C

    Tired and stressed here too, although I have different reasons from yours. Looked for tangerines at the grocery last night but there was nothing but crap, will try again today elsewhere. Trying to psyche myself up to exercise.

  3. emmawoolf

    Also exhausted here. I had never realised how utterly draining teaching is. You are so right! Have booked three days off, as I realised that I couldn’t keep going until Christmas without a break, and have ventured out for an autumnal walk on a rare rain-free day. And a masked cup of tea. Feel somewhat restored after that. Look after yourself, mate x

  4. OnWingsofSaffron

    A massive lockdown is going to be announced for all Germany for the whole of November! God almighty—who is going to pay the bill for all this?? We‘re leaving the young generation a fucked up world!

    • OnWingsofSaffron

      What I mean is: a world with hundreds of nuclear power plants with 1000 of tons of nuclear waste; climate change at tipping point; extinction of flora & fauna at mind boggling speed; an unraveling of democracy; millions of refugees worldwide due to civil unrest, religious wars and corruption; and now a pandemic crisis which will drain (or already has) all financial means of states for years to come!

  5. Robin

    Put together windowless and teaching and no wonder you’re knackered. My poor dear.

  6. I know the feeling and look all too well, Neil. Bring on the weekend please.

  7. Sigh.
    The worst is not over yet. Unfortunately.
    Feeling privileged to be munching on fresh golden apples carried down this morning from the high Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang this morning. Tart, sweet, crisp, and with a hint of ripe pear rounding out their delicate apple flavor – they are amazing!

  8. You need to go to an onsen and recuperate. Hope the weekend revives you and your spirit will be lifted.

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