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27 responses to “FLING IT

  1. Tara C

    The forces of evil are closing in on us, I feel despair.

  2. TODAY HAS BEEN SO FUCKING EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    How are you ?

    Are you too tired to even make an utterance?

    How I understand…..

  3. At least I am not IN the country (even so I do feel it all seriously ENORMOUSLY).

    Is it really just totally Redneck Central?

  4. Nancysg

    I live in a consistently Blue state, so my vantage point is skewed. But, the anxiety of this election has permeated life for so many people; both here and in other states. So many of us can not fathom the strength of and ongoing support that Trump has. There are certainly some rural areas that are big supporters, but there are also many others that seem to place his supposed economic genius above all other considerations. It is distracting today, waiting for the close states to announce results. It is going to be a difficult result for the country no matter who wins.

    • Same boat as you. In Boston, the shops on the main shopping street have been boarded up in anticipation of vandalism (that they experienced in June). It is sad to see the photos. Very nerve wracking.

      • I am hoping – now these DIVINE new polling results are coming through – that the Donald will just get a taste of reality and give up; that all his disgusting deliberate fomenting of violence was just a bluff after all.

    • It really will.

      I understand the importance of the economy – which looms even larger in the US somehow : to outsiders it is the fact all this creature’s outrageous features/ words are brushed aside : to any rational, half-dignified person it is incomprehensible. That they can’t or refuse to SEE THROUGH HIM.

      The exasperation of it makes me physically ill. I need him removed.

  5. I am just praying, with everything I’ve got, that the orange turd holder will be ousted, and I usually don’t pray. He just needs to be gone, as in for good, he is insane.
    What is most frightening about this whole thing is the how close this is, showing that a large portion on this country still voted for this shit-gibbon, even with all his shortcomings, Racism and hatred are truly alive, and thriving in the states here.
    Guess I will just keep praying for all of these monsters to be flung over the balconies, dangling like evil pendulums.

    • brielle87 I am in complete agreement with you. I live in a consistently blue state. but have been appalled that anyone could vote again for this vile mammal (I can’t even call him a person or human being). I am stressed out and ashamed that two out of three of my sons also voted voted for him to the point that I don’t want to talk to either one of them right now. I have hated very view people in my lifetime but despise Trump and to the ultimate degree. I can only hope and pray that when all the votes are finally counted, he will lose because four more years of him would be disasterous.

      • It’s all just so tiring isn’t it? Knowing that people still view him in a positive light, truly baffling. We really can not take four more years of this, it truly would be the end of the country.
        Try to stay positive, it’s not over yet.
        Bon courage!!

      • Today is looking so much better than yesterday…. I was cycling to the station this morning in the sunlight feeling so much less heavier in my soul….

      • ‘Vile mammal’ : another classic.

        I suppose to some men T’s brute blunt qualities appeal on a ‘primal’ level : his sheer power of arrogance impresses and fascinated me in a bizarre way too. He has IMPRINTED himself on our brains forever in a way that no one else ever has. That makes him an easy choice when the opposition looks slightly frail in comparison . It must be hard to accept when people in the family vote for him – me and D have the same problem with Brexit – but you have to move beyond it. In a week or two once the rage simmers down.

        This is the thing though : T LOVES rage, strife- it is his lifeblood. I so want some relative calm and normalcy as I am convinced it would have a global ripple effect.

      • Tom

        Yes, I have hated so rarely in my entire life, but now, nearly every single day. Still hard to know if it’s completely unhealthy, or a goddamn obligation. That’s the morass every psychopath creates.

      • I understand this completely as well. It IS difficult not to hate Trump supporters at this moment. In the future they will be seen like Hitler lovers, I am sure of it. History will illuminate this point.

    • ‘Shit-gibbon’ ! Hilarious.

      But yes may dignity and tolerance prevail somehow !

  6. Robin

    Too busy holding my breath to do anything, think anything. It all hangs in the balance right now.

  7. David

    The hillbilly thing is true, but it’s a broad stroke. Trump has many, many supporters among Hispanic/Latino Americans. One reason is obvious: abortion. Many Hispanics are practicing Catholics. (And many non-Hispanic Catholics also support Trump because of his anti-abortion stance.) Also, there are many Latinos who immigrated to the USA legally, and they do not like undocumented immigrants, most of whom are from Latin America. The reason is something like, “well, I made it here legally. I followed all the steps. Why should I welcome illegals? ” And we all know Trump’s position on illegal immigration. I know a bit about the Brazilian-American community in the USA; they do NOT like undocumented Brazilians. Cuban-Americans are very pro-Trump as well. This is one of the reasons Trump won Florida.

    Brazil and Bolsonaro: He has actually seen an uptick in popularity because of the government’s financial aid during the pandemic. It’s sad because I do believe he is responsible for thousands of deaths.

    I am thankful that most of my family lives in Massachusetts which is a blue state. I’ll most likely move back there in a few years, to take care of my parents. I will never consider putting them in a nursing home.

    • Interesting illuminations on the Hispanic vote.

      Re : abortion – it is a sensitive issue. If it were Mike Pence, I could understand Catholic people’s m
      support, because he is a fundamentalist Christian and has strong convictions on the subject. Trump is about as Christian as Satan though ; hollow ; amoral ; opportunistic – that’s what makes me so sick. Watching him at the mega church in Las Vegas trying to look sanctified was the most sardonic form of comedy.

      If you sliced him up like a pomegranate he would just be full of hollow chambers and pulp; dotted with seeds ( lies )

  8. Iuno Feronia

    I understand you pretty well! We have our second Lockdown with curfew, the United States are a Country I don’t understand anymore or even have never understood and then we had the Terrorist attack in the heart of my home City Vienna on Monday. There are so many political leaders right (UK, Turkey, USA, …) which follow only their own interests so I have the Impression my known world is collapsing. But they were all elected, this makes the thing not easier for me as a liberal committed democrat. What the hell is going on with the People??? All the best for you in Japan!

  9. I want some calm and normalcy too, which has not existed in the United States since the day Trump took office. I would like to never have to look at him or hear his voice again.

  10. I will never associate with anyone who supported the filthy, puckered tangerine, and I have removed all of them from my friends list and real-life acquaintances. I just don’t have time for that.
    I also remember all the houses in the neighbourhood that have signs supporting him on their lawns and if any of them were on fire I wouldn’t throw piss on any of them to put them out.

  11. JulienFromDijon

    To put it mildly, for the matter of removing Trump from the White House, I thought that he was such a problem, that it transcended being for democrats or republicans. And the results proved me wrong.

    I resort to popular psychology to understand Trump voters :
    (I mean, beyond the fear to be unemployed from the middle class in remote areas.)
    – Do people like to make the same mistake, twice? Because of the denial.
    – Is it a bad reflex under harsh time? Under the “action/reaction” trope, when you feel under aggression, you act by reflex without thinking.
    ((So the republican voter voted republican. Even if those from the wasp, who vote republican, has had a less harsh life than the minority in the past years.))
    – Also, the bipartisan system is… paradoxically… blurring the political offer.
    Being in France, I can grasp how a third offer can better translate leaving your former preference, to embrace a new hope.

    With America, there is a sort of sh!tcocktail effect, where problem stacks. For example, the way the cost of presidential campaign is paid by industrials. You always end up with a slightly different shade of unregulated neoliberal capitalism.

    I’m a bit confused : Even the higher participation -good news- is making me fear that people will go home, and forget about the other elections, manifesting, and activism.

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