I cannot live without Roger Et Gallet’s Green Tea.

And yet I cannot recommend it to you.


  1. A rasping, chemical, typical quality, redolent of men’s sport scents like Chrome by Azzaro ( which I like and used to wear).
  2. A possibly headache inducing quality.
  3. I can’t detect the alleged grapefruit, yuzu and mandarin.
  4. it is not especially elegant.


  1. I love it.
  2. The green tea note durates beautifully on freshly laundered shirts.
  3. When the weather suddenly soars and enters hot summer, as it has these last two days, I NEED this for work, for odorous confidence ( Japanese people seem to like it on me even if Duncan doesn’t ).
    It has a lovely, floral, classically ‘green tea’ drydown that subtly hangs about my person, dissolving some fat, which is why you could find me today, rushing panickedly from Yokohama Lumine department store, where there used to be a Roger & Gallet concession, to the Sogo department store, where they moved)
  4. It is kind of cheap.

( Sunday night )


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  1. I wish my perfume would dissolve some fat! 😉

  2. Tara C

    I don’t know that I’ve smelled this one. I use the Extra Vieille shower gel in the summer, which reminds me of Paris (Costes for winter). But for light refreshing tea scents I normally go for Bulgari au Thé Bleu, which has a bit of lavender. I also enjoy Hermès Eau de Narcisse Bleu.

  3. I used to love this shower gel and soap during the summer months, until my sensitive skin decided it was verboten. Now I am only able to use Caudalie shower gels, which are soap free, in their three scents.
    I miss all the wonderful R&G soaps and shower gels I used to use.

  4. Truc N.

    That soap is so good. I used to be a server, and after 7 hours of alternately being in a hot kitchen and being verbally abused by tourists, I would take a long cool shower in the dark with a bar of Roger et Gallet Green Tea soap.

    That tannic quality really does cut through grime, and energizes while being soothing at the same time. I spray the fragrance as a room freshener sometimes, too.

  5. Robin

    Like the pic of you.

    Their lineup looks inviting. The packaging, the whole works, everything you need for grooming, green-tea-wise. Good, wholesome, comforting old-fashioned French country feel, not at all Byredo-like, if you know what I mean.

    Ric’s got Chrome and it smells natural and fine on him. I’m not sure he’s a fan of green tea notes, sadly. He doesn’t like Bvlgari, but it does have that JCE peppery-harsh undercurrent, so . . . If I see some R&G, it wouldn’t hurt to buy some for him, maybe starting with the bath gel. If he won’t use it, I will.

    Glad things at your school are unaltered, or even altered slightly for the better since you revealed another side of yourself. A little psychic fresh air is never a bad thing.

    • Chrome is one of the best of that type I think. Amiable.

      As for mood etc…. nothing is really going to change until we get the vaccine. The government ‘assured’ all citizens who want it will be inoculated by …. November.

      The Olympics are in six weeks.

  6. Robin

    I was just checking into Roger et Gallet Eau Fraiche line and I see some pretty interesting things. Have you tried Shiso or Fleur d’Osmanthus, dear Neil? Verveine Utopie? Ooh, Feuille de Figuier? Any of the others? (The Shiso sounds so fresh and meditative, especially spa-like.) With hot weather coming our way, the whole idea of the line sounds appealing.

  7. Oooo I love green tea scents. I have not found a serviceable one I like enough to keep in rotation so thank you kindly for this recommendation.! So many green tea scents have that same stuffy, dank, and claustrophobia-inducing base that the new Chanels have (I’m talking about Kurkdijian’s Elizabeth Arden Green Tea line etc.) They also tend to be very short lived.
    Those rasping, chemical sport scents are often just the thing for hot and oppressively humid weather. Somehow they blend with the inevitable excessive perspiration to maintain a degree of freshness, or at least an acceptable stench?
    My fave cheapie green tea scent:
    Pacifica’s Tahitian Gardenia – Not sure what is Tahitian about this. Certainly not the cliched typical Tahitian super saccharine tropical fruity sweetness, ethyl vanillin, & fake fatty coconut bomb. This is more about fresh floral green tea and bright mandarin orange cutting through the buttery lushness of an impressionistic gardenia. No cloying white musk! Possibly the “cleanest” and most refreshing white floral I own, makes it perfect for South Asian summers and visiting my aunt in Boca Raton. (Surprisingly long lasting too.)

    • Ooh – from what you say here Bibi -san, you might like this then. The beginning is almost ginger/like and the grime and sweat slicing aspect is precisely what I like about it. A

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