Smelling crisp and fantastic in my Roger Et Gallet The Vert for work – another gorgeously hot, blue skied day that only I was not complaining about in the morning lessons – I decided, being in full green tea mood – so clean and easeful to the senses – to try another scent of this genre I had spotted in the Fujisawa department store nearby :Due Foglie E Un Bocciolo ( ‘two leaves and a bud’) by Nobile 1942.

With a woozy cardamom and jasmine- indolic opening, soft and sensual but not quite my cup of tea, this reminds me slightly of Armani Prive’s Eclat De Jasmin but with a more afternoonish, green tea thrust. I don’t mind having a bit in the back of my hand on the way to my next destination, but for unassuming Fujisawa – the dull and uninspiring Olympic flags have just gone up for the sailing events taking place here : when you see Enoshima island on TV you can think of me, somewhere nearby ….. I definitely prefer my fresh spicy, bracing Roger Et Gallet.


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19 responses to “DUE FOGLIE E UN BOCCIOLO by NOBILE 1942

  1. Robin

    I had to look up vintage Leonard Paris ties the other day when you mentioned them in a post. I really like them. Don’t know if you’re wearing one here, but lookin’ good, my friend.

    • Thankyou, although I think the scanning machines do have some kind of ‘beautification filter’ that makes everyone look better than they actually do.

      This tie is an antique Japanese one, quite Anglophile and makes me feel like a Jane Austen hero; the Leonards can be seriously tacky in an amazing way, but I have slightly more toned down ones that hover on the edge of acceptability. I love it when people have to do a double take on the train and come to a conclusion; is that tie he is wearing REALLY hideous, or is it actually rather cool?

    • Incidentally, this was the department store where I tried the Santo Incienso or whatever it is called by the Different Company: I forgot to tell you that I sprayed some on some cards, and then left them in my ‘teacher’s cupboard’. I totally forgot about them and then opened it one day and got the WORST buttery fake sandalwood el tipico smell – quite embarrassed that other people might have thought I thought that smelled good. Sometimes you really don’t know until the very conclusion of a scent, although I think I said at the time that I thought I had detected that aggravating bete noire.

      • Robin

        I did see some pretty wild vintage Leonards when I looked, and I have to say when it comes to ties — and they’re the exception — sometimes amazingly seriously tacky hits just the right note. I’d come down on the side of actually rather cool more often than not.

        I am glad you told be about that god-awful sandalwood note. Eck. Buttery is such a buzzkill. Like crappy Aussie Chardonnay with all that overtoasted oak. So. Another one bites the dust. I am still supremely happy with my Black Rose, just so you know. I still trust you. .

      • I’m still glad my instincts were right. About the Incienso too : R’s skin might have modified it pleasingly but there is still a chance it could have left you ( expensively ) a—grimacin’

  2. Looking amazing in such heat. Too bad the scent wasn’t a fabulous one. I have heard of the Nobile 1942 fragrance line, but never have tried any. They never really captured my attention.
    Is the humidity over the top already over there?

    • The 36.4 degrees is my body temperature! Scanned as I walked into an electronics store. The actual temperature was a gorgeous 28/29, not humid. There is no way I would be able to wear a tie if it was almost 37. August here is seriously searing : unsuitable for work, but I LOVE it when at home and on the beach. The entire country seems geared to complaining about the weather unless it is around 20 and sunny and clear, as it is in April and October- December, Japan’s California time.

      I haven’t found one from this line that ultra appeals to me, though I must say I kind of like this bottle. If I am going jasmine, though, I like to go full on jasmine, and the same goes for green tea, though I think this would make a nice inbetween for someone who prefers a blur

      • I was going to say, a tie in 36.4 degree weather would be horrific. 28/29 is the perfect temperature for me, heavenly. 20 is a little chilly for me.
        I love a big heady jasmine. Green tea, not so much. I became very ill once from the Bulgari Thé Vert and am not too keen on it, but I do like the Roger et Gallet.

      • I can totally understand green tea perfume related illness. There is something that I can only describe as ‘bilge’ about it that it not to everyone’s taste. I have a current edition of L’Artisan’s The Pour Un Ete, which definitely isn’t what it used to be (more luxuriantly fresh and floral); I KIND of like it, but there is also something a bit ‘dregs of old soap in other people’s bathroom plug hole’ about it as well, something…unsavoury. And yet part of me likes it.

      • Bilge is a perfect word to describe it. The original Thé pour un Ete was so lovely. I have not smelt the more recent version of it. I adore their Tea for Two.

      • That is REALLY good (the vintage especially, which I stupidly gave away). The newer version is a facsimile, without the tactile fruitiness of the tobacco leaves in a tin. The Pour Un Ete also feels like a total replicant. The original was far more joyous.

      • You are spot on with both of those observations. I wish I still had both of my vintage bottles. I went through a foolish Marie Kondo phase and sold many fragrances. So foolish.

      • Me and Marie Kondo…….

        Not so similar.

      • And I completely agree about 20. In December I would be hot at that temperature, but I also fundamentally find it chilly. We have been trying to sit on the balcony recently in that temperature pretending we are warm and that it is summer, but always end up covered in blankets. I can’t WAIT for this weekend, which will be the first one we can sit around in t-shirts very happily.

      • Oh, do enjoy the weekend.

  3. Tara C

    I have a couple of those Nobile 1942 scents, La Danza delle Libellule and Café Chantant, haven’t seen the one you mentioned here.

    Those banners are dead boring.

    • The dragonfly one is a supersweet strawberry candy, no? I remember I kind of liked it (naturally, that one is not on sale here). How is Cafe Chantant? That was mentioned in the leaflet I picked up yesterday.

      • Tara C

        I do actually have a soft spot for gourmands, so I enjoy them both, but they are certainly not great perfumery. Just fun on a sunny spring day.

  4. Sounds like the problem I have with most green tea fragrances. Instead of emphasizing the the brisk & bracing freshness of green tea they choose to smother it in white florals or white musk.
    The bottle looks a bit stuck in the 90s.
    I was expecting something a bit more Japanese (or at least some character) out of the Olympic decor?
    You look rather shocked at your phone., I hope its thermometer works better than my Apple watch!

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