vanille vaniglia vainilla

Continuing my vanilla torrent, look out for my reviews of Eau Duelle, Vanille Tonka and Sleeping With Ghosts today on Olfactoria’s Travels….


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7 responses to “vanille vaniglia vainilla

  1. brie

    fantastic! already left a comment….

  2. Debbie Lauri

    Now you’re talking! Vanilla-based perfumes always get my attention. I used to Love Anne Klein I, but of course it has been discontinued. Instead they kept Anne Klein II, which smells to me like whale puke…

  3. Tora

    I hope this late message finds you Neil. Two days ago my bottle of Raghba arrived. It is absolute VANILLA NAPALM. I would love to send you some if you don’t already have it. I know you have my email, so if you care to try it, email me your shipping address.

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