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It’s roasting hot outside. But we are going up to Tokyo in a minute to explore some very real perfumed possibilities (a whole line of ‘recycle boutiques’ along the Chuo Line).


Last week I failed with my scent – my rich coconut /white flower combinations quickly smelled vile in the heat of Yokohama, and so today I am going for a darker, stronger, vetiver/blackberry melange to last the day and resonate through the sweat: Roja Dove Vetiver eau de parfum (classical, dusky) + Roja Dove Elysium (a peppery, fruity, very masculine vetiver with a plummish undertone); Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver lotion, from New Orleans throughout the body;  L’Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc Extreme on the wrists, as well as Roger Et Gallet Cologne Imperiale for improvisation – (a lemony blackberry cologne that blends very well with the others I am wearing as a top up spritz). Plus, essential, scented ‘ice sheets’ from Japanese maker Gatsby (they have the summer relief technology down pat for the panting population): mentholated wet wipes very popular here that slice through the grime and leave you feeling fresh and ice popsicle as a futuristic blackcurrant.



I am ready.














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