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In these trying times, we must learn and adapt to our new situations.

Initially, when I knew I would be isolated inside my winter house, I was panicked. The thought of being somewhere so, modest, filled me with fear. I’m not ashamed to say that I cut off all of my daughter’s hair in a fever of disorientation.

Subsequently, out of confusion, I pushed the butler out of the window when I heard the news of being under a state of emergency, his low screams for the next 48 hours certainly made my afternoon beauty sleeps more challenging.

With much thought, I suddenly realised; just close the window! I slept in blissful quiet that very afternoon.


There have been challenges, certainly. For example, within the first seven hours of self isolation I had killed and eaten my three peacocks and I realise now that Johnson (RIP) had left a fully stocked kitchen! I’m such a ding-a-ling sometimes! But we must laugh!

I am proud of myself for learning how stairs work AND how to open drawers.

What are YOUR lessons at this time?











(guest post by Belgium Solanas)


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