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Your black framboise

I was sitting in the classroom while some students did a test when suddenly a dark raspberry entered my conscience. 


Had my suit somehow brushed against our patchouli scented walls?


Was it the hints of Champs Élysées still that were lingering on my shirt? 


I don’t know, but the Body Shop’s Early

Harvest Raspberry cream, which I had on my hand, when combined with something else, suddenly brought me to Magie and

i thought, yes: a body bathed in raspberry, which forms the

delicious top note in Lancome’s dark spirited genius, then she herself….




i just just wish that one

day I could come

across the vintage parfum at the flea market: a holy

grail I have never been granted ( do you know it? TELL ME )


o and and while we are at it, 



fuck this iphone



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