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I wrote a big treatise last Saturday on mint, and a taxi we once got in which smelled so unbelievable I had to ask the driver what it was as we were about to get out, when he (without invitation) just reached to the dashboard and sprayed me on the back of the hand with a pure essential oil of hakka, by Kitami – the most popular brand of Japanese peppermint : we were floored by the utter fresh purity of its mintiness –

– – but in the confusion of the last few days I seem to have lost it.

It was an especially minty post, though, and if I find the bunch of paper it was written on again – I am now, mercifully, I think on the mend – I will put it up (I was scribbling like a maniac that day – my brain all over the place after the morning collapsing to the floor with dizziness and somehow getting to work and back).

Hakka, from Hokkaido, is highly mentholated, very white and green, like the packaging, and a beautiful smell. Extraordinarily physically and mentally refreshing, I am already addicted and am going to invest in more products : strangely, I had almost bought some on the Friday for only the second time – it is sold at a famous book store, along with incense – as though I knew what was about to happen: I sometimes intuit things like this advance even though I had felt in tip top condition that day.

This mint, and a very clear and penetrating rosemary oil, have definitely been of help in recentering and fending off the vertigo from the labyrinthitis though when I came home five days ago – I had no idea what was in store for me when I lay back onto the futon and felt suddenly as though I were being hurtled through space while circling like a boomerang – spinning and lurching out of control so hard I had to close my eyes tightly and was yelping and shouting in total panic. Fortunately I am not the puking type so the deep nausea was vomitless but the next day, and the next, it was the same- trying to stand up and then getting thrust back onto the sofa by a poltergeist, collapsing back down whenever I sat up it was horrible – although, it must be said, that this was actually very benign compared to much more severe cases where the unsuspecting find themselves unable to move, even their eyes, and are supine for days, weeks……..

My case, though heinous – totally unexpected but much more common among people (and animals) than I had realized – has certainly been far less mentally excruciating than so many accounts I have read of this inner ear imbalance that totally robs you of agency and casts you about like a rag doll on the moon.

Mint was not enough in this case though. . Only medicine – an IV drip at the clinic round the corner – and various pills, to treat the blocked inner ‘vestibule’.

Plus rest. Lots of sleep.


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