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the perfume never stops













At Fueguia 1833 in the Hyatt at Roppongi,  and L’Officine Officielle Buly today in Daikanyama.












( you can see me and D endlessly sniffing at the end of the second picture. Fueguia had SEVENTY perfumes, some of them quite intriguing, but even so…)




Andrea Maack, L’Orchestre Parfum, Son Venin, Stora Skuggan, Sauf, Nebbia, Abel, Agonist, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Unum, Nebbia, it goes on and on: Liquides Imaginaires, Zoologist, Les Bains Guerbois – almost universally overpriced, ludicrously so, and even more expensive in Japan.



Some perfumes I have liked, and would wear. And might buy ( like L’Orchestre Parfum’s gorgeous frankincense, Encens D’Asakusa, or L’Histoires de Parfums’ dreamy Madam Butterfly.) Even if, on the whole I sometimes I feel that with all these never ending grim hipster smoked woods and Burning Barbershops and pretentious conceptual nonsenses it’s as if no one has ever got over CB I Hate Perfume and Comme Des Garcons two decades after the fact: everything MUST be metallic and off putting and smell of sinister priests or gunpowder or blood or some other extortionately priced humorless claptrap.




Stimulating, yes.




But sometimes  I just wish there were more JOY in it all.





Any thoughts on any of the above brands?


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