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NON HO PAURA : : : FENDI by FENDI (1985)


Whenever my younger sister wore this classic scent, which I bought for her one birthday, many moons ago, as I had always loved its caustic, Venetian baroque; its leathery, honeyed spice; the taut, Machiavellian roses and carnations (could a scent possibly smell more Italian?), people strangely always asked her if she had been down the pub, sensing on her skin (usually so lovely in her sweet, vanillic choices) some sodden beer mat and cigarette-butt quality that suggested she had just spent the night face down in a brewery. I found this quite hilarious: it must just have been a reaction with her skin chemistry, an odd anomaly that I got quite wrong (although she loved it too, and kept persevering with it) because to me, this zinging creature – the fur-whipped, clove-budded zenith of the mid-eighties Coco aesthetic, is one of the best spiced florals there ever was: surely perfect for a glamorous, big-earringed vamp like my sibling. A little dated now in style, perhaps (discontinued, but still available if you look and all the more reason to wear it), but to me, still, in this age of dull, prettified fake flower conservatism, an extravagant, dry little thing with real sass: ass: and sumptuous, La Scala verve.


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