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A white glove. White coat… tumblr_ndoye5us3s1rpqdi8o1_1280 Madame Rochas, a beautiful scent in pristine vintage extrait, is comparable to other perfumes of similar classical vein: the woods, the flowers, the musks, and the shimmering aldehydes, but refines the formula; gleans it to a superior level of sensual, cold remove. This scent has a marble translucence; a dimension of light not quite seen in any other scent of this genre, lending the perfume a very refined, calm dignity. With genius, Guy Robert, author of the later Calèche (fresher, greener, perhaps more androgynous), fuses a long and complex list of rose-touched ingredients; sweet, tight bound, into a glass-like, scented, impenetrable fuselage. The effect : glinting, as the perfume glacially begins to unfurl on the body, is startling. 20040301_2195 A drop of the the parfum is applied to the skin. Silence. She is wondering where she is. Then, from a cool, imperturbable, smoothness, sing out, gradually, individual flowers: rose, jasmine, muguet, and at the forefront a very prominent dose of ylang ylang; a poised and lady-like accord that then graduates, gently, to a tender, yet very sensual, soft and woody finish left tactfully, discreetly in the air of the closed room behind her. il_570xN.454036823_edea


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