Caron Muguet







Me, on the telephone.



Duncan in the shop.



“It should be somewhere to the left, near the top. You might have to move some boxes”.




” I can’t see it”.




“It should be there. White box. Nina Ricci. Nina parfum. Rare, 2500 yen, perfect for mum as a Christmas present. She used to love it and I’ve never seen the parfum before. Damn I should have bought it when I saw it”.




“I can’t see it”.




“Tartine Et Chocolat…..Cabochard…..two other Nina Riccis but not that one……..

Setsuko says she has just found a Caron Muguet Parfum”.




“De Bonheur?”




“No, just Muguet”.





“Oh my god, get it, that’s incredibly rare. “.




“She already has. She likes the smell of it”.




“How much?”



“500 yen”.



“What does it smell like?”













See her gloat with her red, polished nails.



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  1. Oh, goodness, I am such a Caron lover, I would loooooove to experience the Muguet. Did you have the chance to smell this yet? It must be glorious. If you smell it, please elaborate. Wish I could find that.

  2. Also, simply adore vintage Nina. So much better than the newer version. The extrait of it is just HEAVENLY!!

    • The original Nina takes me straight back to 1987 when my mum wore it to to some kind of boating regatta in Henley On Thames, one of those really English things with wide brimmed hats and all the rest. Another case where I most definitely should have bought it! The parfum is rare, I think and it was only 25 dollars. I am crazy.

    • and speaking of Nina Ricci……good lord I and just trying the Fille D’Eve extrait you sent…how DIVINE is this? Like Chamade and Femme and even a bit of Mystere…….so different to the more ladylike Riccis……gorgeous!

  3. Vintage Nina is so perfect for a proper English boating event, it is THAT polished and posh.
    Fille d’Eve is probably one of my favorite scents ever, it just makes me feel happy. There is something so optimistic about it, hopeful almost, yet thoroughly grounded and solid. I do truly love it, thrilled it is bringing you some of that happiness also 🙂

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