THE HALL OF MIRRORS……….Parfum d’Hermès parfum (1984) and the matchless attraction of extraits.





The Black Narcissus


On the way to my Japanese lesson in Kamakura yesterday I had a bit of extra time and so I quickly popped into an antique shop down a side street which I know has a large selection of vintage perfumes at usually reasonable-ish prices. The selection there might not change from week to week, from month to month even ( I have a mental inventory of whatever is currently in there at any given time), but then, out of the blue, there will be a sudden influx of precious, sometimes unbelievable, things you snap up with a flutter and a heartbeat (if there is still any money in your wallet left), and spend your whole Japanese lesson dreaming of what they will smell like when you get them home.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was completely thrilled, as my eyes quickly scoured the shelves, to find a vintage…

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