Black Pepper is peppery.

REALLY peppery.

As in, tumultuously, treacherously peppery – a trail of crushed peppercorns that lingers in the air in sinisterly suave fashion for an entire day  (this scent is a miracle of modern technical perfumery);a light, invisible muslin of discreet coumarin, agarwood, cedar and musk giving dryness, arid heft..


Whenever Duncan wears this (I bought it him for his birthday last year at the Comme Des Garçons boutique in Aoyama), I tune in to the unrelenting black spice, the precise smell of the Kampot black peppercorns I bought at a market in Cambodia, and cracked the other night for food.


Not fresh, nose tingley, or slicey, like some of the recent pink peppercorn florals, Black Pepper is completely unique in its fidelity to the theme ; the scent palette spectruming from light grey to pitch; a low registered, masculine thrum.





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3 responses to “BLACK PEPPER by COMME DES GARÇONS (2016)

  1. Love this one, Neil . Brave and bold.

  2. Robin

    Your magnificent writing chops make this sound irresistible. I have a feeling, though, that it might not be the safest blind buy for Ric . . .

    • Glad you liked this one. Yes, you would definitely appreciate this objectively and enjoy it on certain individuals the way I do, however it is a LITTLE too culinary, perhaps, and rather persistent, sometimes overstaying its welcome. In small amounts though, you might possibly be knee weakened

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