I haven’t come across any Caron, old or new, for a while now.

Have you?


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15 responses to “CRAVING CARON

  1. Gregory

    I bought a new bottle of Yatagan about two months ago, which I enjoy very much. They seem to have pulled out of the US market, like Serge Lutens. I’d like a bottle of Pour un Homme de Caron, which used to be had for around $36. You can order from their website, but it’s $100, plus shipping from France.

    Guerlain has scaled back their US distribution as well, it seems. Only ladies’ perfumes are in stores now, at least in California.

    • So it wasn’t just my perception that they are gradually fading ….. sad

      A good Yatagan is really good : the faded Vintage we have is somehow lacking

      $100 for Pour Un Homme feels rather steep, lovely though it is – but how is the current version ?

      • Gregory

        The current Yatagan is wonderful. Spicy and smoky. I’ve not smelled Pour un Homme, but as it is from the 1930s and lavender it seems like something I would like. Maybe it will start showing up at discounters after Christmas.

      • The soft vanilla musk of the base is definitely not for everyone but I like it

  2. Tora

    I have been in a deep perfume rut lately, wearing only very old Habanita or Vold de Nuit. As soon as I saw your photo of the old Caron bottle and box, I recognized some very neglected Carons that I haven’t worn in ages. I just read your Caron article again and I think I may wander over to my cabinet and try Montaigne, or Alpona, or Tabac Blond. Thanks for reminding me of my neglected beauties.

    • Old Habanita and Vol De Nuit – so soothing… maybe these are just what you need right now .

      Caron has a certain musty frivolity that might not always suit the mood

    • OnWingsofSaffron

      … and try my vintage Alpona or Tabac blond! Oh my, you are lucky indeed! I have been chasing after Alpona for years on Ebay and have never, not once, encountered a bottle!
      Enjoy your treasures!

      • Alpona – a freaky perfume I would also really love to own

      • Tora

        Hi. I see you mentioned how hard Alpona is to find, and it sure is, but I have good news!! Eau de Caron has so many similarities to Alpona. I have tested them both side by side, and while not exact, Eau de Caron is like Alpona’s little sibling. And it can be found every now and then. I found one now, on Etsy. Have you ever tried it?

      • The one in the yellow box? ADORE IT TO DEATH

  3. Hanamini

    Well, being worn fairly frequently are old versions of Pois de Senteur, Farnesiana, Infini (I think you put me onto that one), Violette, and Fleurs de Rocaille; fairly new Private Collection ones of Narcisse Blanc and my favourite Or et Noir; and more sparingly, a beautifully oily vintage version of your namesake, Narcisse Noir. So yes, Caroning happily whenever possible and now tempted to venture beyond those. What to go for?

    • A gorgeous selection. I am envying your Or Et Noir – I remember liking it at a lot at the boutique on Avenue Montaigne.

      • Hanamini

        I first smelled it and bought it at a place called Gala Parfums, on the Rue de Rivoli, together with the Narcisse Blanc. About 4-5 years ago I think. Or et Noir is a rich, creamy one I find it hard to put my finger on, and I don’t get much rose, but it is heavenly. For me, definitely a top 5. It’s an odd coincidence that my desert-island (you’re allowed one perfume) favourite is Or Noir (Morabito). Fortnum and Mason used to have a large Caron counter, don’t know if they do anymore but will be there is a few weeks to find out!

      • I love(d) their Caron counter ; no one there to crowd you by the urns : marvellous

        ( I got lots of rose)

        That and the Morabito are perfumes that are genuinely enigmatic

  4. I do adore my Carons. I just wore Infini the other day, along with Poivre a few days prior. It is almost time for me to bring out Vœux de Noël and Nuit de Noël for Christmas eve and Christmas day. I do adore Caron so much, it is sad they are not a huge global presence like they should be.

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