There are several fresh, transparent, vegetal musks on the market, such as the far more costly and fashionable Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens. But when it comes to a perfect icon such as this, snobbery becomes irrelevant. In my opinion, no clean, synthetic musk has ever been done better than the classic by The Body Shop, a sheer, floral musk scent with soft, peachy accents and unyielding aura that draws people in like almost nothing else on the planet.


White Musk is one of those cheap perfumes that simply smells good anyway: an inspired, winning formula, immaculately proportioned, with a disinhibiting quality that hints at the glorious beginnings of teenage love. A good friend of mine at university was rendered quite helpless, obsessed, with a French girlfriend of his who wore this scent; he once told me that the scent had even had involuntary orgasm-inducing qualities for him even when fully clothed: on one occasion this had produced quite mortifying results after a last kiss at a train station in Paris.


He had then had to make his way back home furtively through the streets, alone in his jeans, White Musk, on his face and clothes, still smarting, embarrassing, and lingering…. 


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15 responses to “A DANGEROUS KISS…….WHITE MUSK by BODY SHOP (1981)

  1. A bit icky this one; sorry people!

  2. brie

    Not icky to me but quite hysterical actually!!! The power of scent..he!he!
    I adored the Body Shop White Musk and went through many a bottle years ago…haven’t smelled it in ages….nice to know that there are still inexpensive fragrances that work their magic, so to speak!

  3. Lilybelle

    A friend of mine used to wear Body Shop’s White Musk. She always smelled fresh as a daisy. I never wore it, but I see people complain that it has been changed (for the worse, of course). I like Montale’s White Musk, and on the drugstore extreme cheap end of the spectrum I have a soft spot for Parfums de Coeur’s Body Fantasies Fresh White Musk body spray, which smells great once the alcohol has evaporated. I missed Body Shop’s White Musk in its heydey. Oh well.

    • Has it really been changed that much? I suppose it is not luminous as it once was, but when I smell it in the shop occasionally it still has its essential character intact.

      I like the sound of the Parfum de Coeur, as well as the Montale. They always do that kind of thing brilliantly.

  4. Dearest Ginza
    Aaaahh. White Musk, with the ever-ready aldehyde L’Aimant one of the two worst affordable icons in all perfumery.
    I had no idea it could exert such startling results. Secretions beget secretions one supposes.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  5. Katy

    I love White Musk, especially in the perfume oil. It is really nice layered with soliflores and under just about anything.

    • It is a gorgeous staple that I unfortunately could never wear ( I would just smell foolish) but am glad that others still do. It is extremely sexy on the skin that matches it – on me, musks smell horribly wrong, and I just smell like a sweaty old man on a bus.

  6. Now That is some perfume! I am sure Paris and the girl he was kissing had something to do with that explosive reatction. So funny and wonderful.

  7. Julie F

    Body Shop White Musk was always way too clean for me, but I love their White Musk for Men with that slight labdanum note.

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