clamber in



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8 responses to “clamber in

  1. ninakane1

    Would love to!

  2. Katy

    Some varieties of azalea look very like orchids and smell heavenly. Unfortunately, in Virginia, they are not as common as they used to be with everyone opting for the characterless varieties that bloom in spring and fall.

    • These have a very delicate scent, but within two or three weeks they will be in such profusion – banks of them- that you get such a gorgeous flower breeze airy gentleness as you drift by. The dark pink ones have a slightly stronger scent but that colour can get a bit heavy on the eyes after a while…

  3. Katy

    P.S. I love their freckles!

  4. Ariane

    I have just discovered your wonderful blog, and only days after finally buying Narcisse noir!

  5. Lilybelle

    I am in Mississippi now and it seems that most of the azaleas are fuschia, with a few whites in the town I’m in. There was a recent storm and the wind scattered most of the petals so they’re all past their prime here. I don’t recall azaleas ever having a scent, though. It was so wonderful to see azaleas again, coming from the cold north where spring hadn’t truly arrived. I love to see masses of white azaleas.

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