gaga-the fame monster

We are going to see Lady Gaga live tomorrow. I can’t believe it. In Tokyo. For the first time. I’ve been waiting five years….


What clothes? And all the rest of it? Duncan is insisting we go into Yokohama this afternoon and get some face paint (is he really going to go in summer kimono and and blackened face? Am I really this conservative, resisting dressing up, just because I know I can’t possibly compete with all the Japanese ‘little monsters’ who will be exquisite, outrageous, more done-up and ‘shocking’ than anyone could possibly be in Europe or America, I am sure, I know. When it comes to avant-garde, to really taking it to the futuristic extreme, just leave it to the J-People. They are going to look gorgeous; let them shine.)

So should we even try? Duncan says yes. You have to. It’s a Gaga concert. What, though? Dye my hair blonde for the day and emerge a balding frazzle come September when I go back to schooI? Attempt some nonsensical get up? (we are staying at a hotel for two nights, going the whole hog, so there will be a dramatic exit as we emerge from the elevator ready for our afternoon entrance at the train station and we join the other bubbling throngs heading towards the stadium for a night of celebration and song. But do I just go incognito and try and record it, or join them, and smear my face in makeup? (like this? Us two in ‘alternative wear’…..)




Oh the neurotic frenzy. 

I am fretting about a million things.

Will my claustrophobic tendencies overwhelm me as we surge forward towards the stage and the Gaga dazzles my brain and mind with music and lights and I give in to my hysteria?

Will they let us have water? Will my still-injured knee give way, and thus find myself being dragged beneath screaming teenagers, clawing at the mud, and internally bescreeching my dishonourable death while desperately trying to maintain my final poker face?

Is there really going to be a tropical thunder storm? ( I have been watching the weather obsessively for days……NOOOOOOOoo) Will we be hit with lightning during Aura? Go up in smoke and a sizzle like a swirling Turkish kebab as she hits those blessed high notes in that orgasmic chorus?

Or, more worryingly, will she be crap? Too bloated, drunk or jet-lagged to do her moves? Will I be let down and disappointed, all this pathetically childish build up for nothing? (and the price of those ‘premium’ tickets…..Will it all be a shambles?)


Que faire, people? Will I need sedatives? Five bottles of wine?


And, for god’s sake, scent?



Now scent, I can do outrageous. Oh yes, in that regard, no one can beat me in over-the-top. Not even Gaga. I am a true terrorist. But do I want to streaming vanilla, tuberose, and all that miserable goo in such sweating, monstrous conditions? Do I want to be donning olfactory drag, something pink, uppity and grotesque like Ungaro’s Senso ? Or rocking the testosterone with Arab oudh, rose, nuclear armpits and the macho hit, like Gaga in her You and I video?


Something fresh and citrus to keep my wits about me? Oh, what direction to turn in, people? Just go for fresh? Wear nothing? We could be crushed and maimed as people shriek and lose their minds to Bad Romance and Applause and our bodies collide, my patchouli oozing carcass and those young J-things. Do I even want to be thinking about perfume? Or should I simply be following our dear Stefania’s advice and…. Just Dance?



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12 responses to “WHAT TO WEAR TO LADY GAGA?

  1. Tara

    My view is definitely go for the face paint and wear something outrageous like Senso (how often will it be this appropriate?!), but maybe just a little. All your worries will fade away once Gaga hits the stage. It will be epic!

  2. I would go with your most potent tuberose, the bigger the better. You want to see and be seen, so I vote for the most outrageous get-up, face paint, the works — anything comfortable outside of your own skin (that sounds weird!) …. and footwear? just wear sneakers (I see you in red Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops) because you’ll be walking and standing and really who will judge you for being mismatched? Have loads of fun!

    • I hope we will.

      I will either slap something on and make myself odd (and thus very normal in the Gaga context), or else content myself with plainness and go mad with scent instead. Still haven’t quite settled on it.

  3. Lilybelle

    I say: leave these decisions up to spontaneity at the last minute (you will intuit what’s right), follow your bliss, and JUST DANCE!! Have a great time! xo

  4. I think you should go mental. All out. If you don’t, you’ll regret it when you get there and see the fun everyone else is having in their finery. I remember being too inhibited to dress up when I first saw the Rocky Horror Show back in Chelsea (days of Tim Curry) and *really* feeling bummed that I hadn’t. I made up for it the next 5 times I went!! Costume gives permission to be anything and everything – no holds barred and no explanation. Do you think Lady G will take to stage in a twin set and pearls? its HER ffs. Go bold or stay in the hotel bar, I say.
    I think you should wear Secretions Magnifique – not for any reason other than to keep the J-hordes away from you so you wont feel claustrophobic…

  5. David

    I wish she would get the show on the road to Brazil!
    Maybe you could create something based on her upcoming fragrance, with its violet and leather notes. I always think leather is the way to go, so I liked her butch look. Then again, I like her Versace influences. I think erring on the side of sex is the way to go, to counteract the little monsters who are going to just be over the top.

  6. Have a wonderful time! I highly doubt Gaga will be bloated, drunk, or jet-legged. I get the impression that she is actually very, very disciplined. She will put on a great show! And I say GO GUCCI RUSH!

  7. You should dress up wildly, do face paint and leave all inhibitions at home, it is Mother Monster you know. For fragrance you should wear something deliciously animalic, La Reine Margot would be dilish, if you have it. Definitely take everything to the next level, you have to.
    Have a lot of fun and make sure to post all the details of the night.

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