Returning from a night flight on aircraft Voisin Bomber francois flameng

















Just have to tell you that my piece on Vol De Nuit, ‘Journey Into Light’, featured in issue three of ODOU magazine, has just been nominated for this year’s Jasmine Literary Award.











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27 responses to “FLYING HIGH; VOL DE NUIT

  1. Holly

    And I am thrilled for you!!! You deserve every accolade for writing that exists. Period.
    Just bought the issue, in print. It will be cherished.
    Sincere congratulations, Neil.

    • Thank you very much. I am too buzzed to sleep. You know I actually won it last year, which amazed me, but this piece is more me at heart than that one (which was a bit punchy and journalistic), so to be nominated for it is almost more gratifying.

  2. Congratulations and well-deserved! You are a terrific writer and I hope you will continue with your blog for a long time to come.

  3. Congratulations Neil! Reading your posts are a pleasure I relish and I love that you take risks with your writing.

  4. ninakane1

    So fantastic! You really deserve this. Time for the book now Mr Ginza xx

  5. I’d love to read it. Where/ how can I have access to it?

  6. Ariane

    Many congratulations! You write so very eloquently.

  7. jennyredhen

    Mega Congratulations!!!! A well deserved accolade!

  8. kapka

    Congratulations for the nomination:)!

  9. Daphne and Rod

    Neil – How wonderful for you to win this year as well as last year. You deserve it;your blog is a joy to read and your knowledge is amazing.
    Well done and keep writing we love reading it.
    Daphne and Rodxxxx

  10. empliau

    Congratulations Neil! You are always eloquent about your vintage passions. (And everything else!)

  11. My congratulations as Well. I find them miraculously washed away, so second felicitations. I wrote in myoriginal that the author Saint Exupery, whose Petit Prince And last but not least le Renard are beloved companions And the delight I find in Scent, meet in your cherished writings, Cher m. Ginzaintherain. Joyous The day I first Came upon The Black Narcissus.

  12. Brilliant! This is fantastic news. Very happy for you! Doubly happy that it is about my favourite Guerlain classic 🙂

  13. David

    You deserve this. Your writing compels me to search out different perfumes. I also hope your travel writing gets recognition. Your New Orleans pieces deserve rewards.

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