Wearing Gentleman tonight…….it feels completely perfect.

The Black Narcissus


Every scent lover has perfumes that conjure back important events in his or her life, perfumes that can make you wince with emotional remembrance, jolts of pain, or pleasure, that stand like monuments to your past, encapsulating whole periods of your existence: an identity you may not now relate to, but which you know still stands stacked inside your soul like a barely concealed nest of experiential Russian dolls, memories that are merely a cerebral membrane away; that with perfume, smelled once more,  can be revived:  re-examined.

Although I don’t think of myself as an especially nostalgic person, though I may be deluding myself in that regard having just reread this, I also know that for me, in some ways, the past has always been more important than the future; by which I mean that I have come to have a philosophy of life that very much lives in the

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