thank god it’s saturday









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7 responses to “thank god it’s saturday

  1. Thank God it’s Friday here…especially after the big snow storm we had yesterday!

  2. jennyredhen

    Me too.. I am off to the demonstration against the Trans Pacific Poartnership Agreement.. Its hard work in the Protest movement. theres always something to protest about!!

    • ninakane1

      Love this photo. Have a good weekend vous deux. My lot are away and i’m seriously pondering staying in bed all weekend with Kurzio Malaparte’s Kaputt and not doing anything or seeing anyone but the curry delivery bloke until i have to get up for work on Monday. Xxx

      • ninakane1

        Curzio that should read! Damn autocorrect! Another reason for staying in bed away from technology, humans and other mild irritations. I have music, books, wine and chocolate – no need for anything else right now. Xx

      • Hope you are enjoying the lavishly lazy weekend. It sounds perfect. x

      • jennyredhen

        How did you like the book. the subject matter sounds shocking.. Is it too hideous to read?

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