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  1. Somehow I think razor blades are the wrong choice of toiletries to include on this hotel stay.

    • you’re joking. they would never do such a thing. railway tracks are the way to go ( i shouldn’t be joking about it : i once saw it happen)

      • Do they do that on purpose to deliberately disrupt the rail system??

      • I think so. It happens all the time (around 90 people kill themselves a day here). I kind of understand it: a kind of final fuck you, I will finally be noticed and you will have to clear me off the tracks type thing.

        The problem is, the relatives have to foot the (HORRENDOUS) ‘cleaning’ bill, so it is probably not ideal…

  2. Holly

    After all, after a good cry there’s nothing better than shaving your legs.

    • i wouldn’t know, because i personally wish for more hair, but i can definitely imagine that that is the case.

    • I would imagine a rough waxing to be much more balancing. 😀

      • A ‘rough waxing’ is quite alien to my world

      • Holly

        The introduction of a sadist at the end could be a nice touch to enhance the experience.

      • oooh sadism. Very nasty stuff indeed….

        We have just watched Lars Von Trier’s brilliantly original and alive Nymphomaniac (part one is a back comic masterpiece: Uma Thurman is utterly utterly hysterical in it), part two the usual harrowing Danish business, but seeing the remarkably vivid s
        + m scenes I had the most terrible nightmares…..

        What they made the (brilliant) Charlotte Gainsbourg do…..

        No, I know Japan extremely well and I can imagine the entire scenario perfectly. None of this. All cutesy and satiny and soft. Although it DOES feel like emotional fetishization.

        The whole thing would be exquisitely discreeter than discreet.

  3. However, if I were forced to watch a sad puppy movie, I do know that the walls would be not be drenched in tears, but coated in vomit. I cannot BEAR such things.

  4. This just makes me love Japan more! What a crazy place! Boys Don’t Cry tho’! How weird.

  5. Cry me a river! if that were to happen, imagine the Bill of the plumber.
    That japanese horror movie springs to my mind, where everything gets flooded, the ghost of the maligned girl appaering in the flotsam, killing off a host of people …
    Such a room would drive me kamikaze mad! Too much comfort And too many tissues can be seriously offputting in tearful times.

    • Funny you should mention that as Nina gave us that film – Deep Water I think it was called. Pretty good if I remember.

      Luckily I am not the crying type (except through happiness and aesthetic pleasure), but that would be even weirder, much weirder – a hotel section for people to cry tears of joy.

    • Some people will think we are heartless though, reading these comments. I do actually think that there is something very genuinely sad about it all, that people have resort to such a thing, but somehow the ridiculousness of it all trumps it.

      • Actually though, to be honest, I think theres something quite sane in it. Not everyone has the space to cry or yell or whatever in their homes – if you’re living with parents for example, or in-laws, or if you have teenage kids – not everyone has the kinds of friends they can share this with either – or friends are all equally stressed out with no time for private chats etc. People book into hotels for all sorts of refuge-type reasons. Perhaps having a hotel for that purpose can make it less lonely in a weird kind of way? Either way, I’m intrigued!!

      • Me too. But you know, if you go and try it, you will probably just be rejected in pure racism. I would like to be proven wrong, though.

      • ninakane1

        Yes, that’s a possibility. It’d be important to check any distracting Western buzzy tourist thing a little and tune in appropriately – kinda find personal reasons for being there and not just go in to gawp and wonder! Which would be fine actually. I’ve no problem in entering into my own stress and sorrows for an evening armed with any chocolate, fluffy thing, teary film and solitary bed! Ditch the stoicism and bawl in an appropriate place knowing that everyone else in there was also doing the same in perfect harmony without interruption or the need to explain! Let that crazy out and leave the next morning all serene and light amongst the strangers. I’m intrigued by that sort of collective anonymity there seems to be in Japan – it somehow feels safe. I imagine you’d have to be very discreet and respectful going into the hotel- almost carry an air of collective responsibility for maintaining an appropriate atmosphere of crying and catharsis without intruding too much into anyone’s personal space or story. If I was staying there I’d wear Je Reviens by Worth – the second stage of that always puts me in a space of total despair – I think it’s the narcissus and violet – but it lifts in the third stage and feels very green and ‘new leaf’ energising! I now only wear Je Reviens if there’s something I’ve got to exorcise. So that’d be the one to wear methinks. I’m quite intrigued by crying and the release of sorrows. Totally fascinated by wailing nuns – whole orders of women crying for the sorrows of the world. Also all that Greenham Common style keening against the bomb that was popular in Britain in the 80s. I frequently cry myself for other people, particularly if they’re really uptight or stuck in a wall of denial – can get get possessed by a state of mind that is totally about releasing something for someone else – kinda crying clown – as well as boo-hooing for my own trauma of course. I’d probably tune in and come out the next day having wailed my way through the night for half the women in there, leaving in the morning perfectly composed and rejuvenated! With no need to speak about it or refer to the night that had passed! It’d be great! I was thinking earlier, if they had crying hotels for women in the UK it’d be a bit of a nightmare – women in face packs, fluffy dressing gowns and ladybird slippers all sitting round in a hotel lobby waxing on furiously in a cluster about their divorces and what a bastard their ex is. It’d be like hanging out in the coffee room at work! So stressful! In Japan, I imagine it’d be different. May of course be wrong. Will ponder on’t anon when there.

      • ninakane1

        I think I mean anonymous collectivism rather than collective anonymity – maybe both. Perhaps not quite explaining but it’s something I noticed when I was there last time and I liked it. A kind of collectivism that has space for the individual and for privacy within it..? I don’t know.

      • This time next week I’ll be on the plane from Doha to Tokyo…forgive scribble ponders here..can’t wait to talk to you face to face! Am bringing perfume miscellany and wigs. x

      • ninakane1

        Yep, Qatar airlines. I have a two hour stopover in Doha . Cheapest deal, but it takes a bit longer – 17 hours i think! I’ll email the itinerary to you so you know what time i’m landing. Think it gets to Tokyo Narita about 5.30pm on Tuesday.

      • See you here in exactly a week. It will be fun.

      • Have you suddenly disappeared from Facebook?

        I would like to request a favour as I can’t sleep on certain work nights : could you possibly get to a Boots before you come and get me a few packs of Rescue Remedy melts: they are these capsules that you melt on the tongue and they really help me out when I am overstimulated from the schedule. Also some Nytols, non-herbal. They work in emergencies. I would be intensely grateful, arigato

      • ninakane1

        Absolutely, i was going to ask what you’d like me to bring over. Anything else? Yes i’ve disappeared from facebook. As you know i love and hate it in equal measure and it’s a seriously crazy addiction i’ve been trying to kick for a while. Recently when on it i have the hideous feeling of being like Alice in Wonderland at that moment when she drinks the potion that makes her grow big and is like a giant in the room – head and limbs all squashing against the ceilings and walls. I thought this week would be a good time to go cold turkey given i am immersed in supply teaching, and, more importantly am about to see you two in the flesh which is as good a reason as any. I was saying to Duncan a couple of weeks back – facebook reminds me a little of the mirror in the beast’s house – the one that Beauty looks in when she wants to see what’s going on at home. And whilst that mirror can bring joy and comfort it can also accent physical distance and the sadness of separation; it kinda lends itself to a sort of emotional splitting between the here and the there. I feel this a lot when i’m on it these days so am coming off it when i know i am going to see you two, as i know after two weeks with you all sanity and balance will be restored. It will be fun! And wonderful as ever. Am getting in a Nippon mood here sitting in Little Tokyo in Leeds quaffing warm saki and nibbling on wasabi ice-cream which has the weirdest taste of picalilli and gherkins (so i should hate it but it’s oishii!!). Can’t wait to see you. Let me know before Saturday if you need any other English sundries bringing xx

  6. Such a sad thing to ponder. You cannot share your feelings with those closest to you and [hopefully] be comforted, but rather you need to go cloister yourself in a hotel room to let it all out.
    Very interesting…

  7. Wish they could vent to their loved ones though.

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