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13 responses to “A TALE OF THREE GENDERS: YSATIS (1984) & GENTLEMAN (1974) by GIVENCHY

  1. orsetta

    Happy Birthday, Neil!

  2. Your piece is extraordinary. What an excellent writer you are! You have so beautifully captured that stage of life, but from your own perspective of coming out at a particular era in time. It is better than many pieces published in the Modern Love column of The New York Times. Happy birthday!

  3. veritas

    A very happy birthday to you! And I did remember that your birthday was coming up as yours is several days prior to my barking Buddha’s…….you once mentioned being the same sign as her…..(which explains a lot!)
    Hope it is/was a very happy one!

    and I adored Gentleman….on myself in the late 70s/early 80s!

    • veritas

      And the post…which I re-read more diligently….oh it is exquisitely poignant and beautiful….and resonated with me as my eldest is now experiencing a similar transformation away from home for the first time in her life….on the cusp of adulthood and discovering who she is and who she wants to be…..along with adapting to college life had her first boyfriend which ended in heartache but “many lessons learned” (her words)…..

      and for me there are just TOO MANY perfumes that conjure up memories for me to write about in this comment section…but you already know my stories!

      And I am still completely enraptured by my vintage Chloe perfume….I could not stop huffing my wrist all day long yesterday! It blooms beautifully on my alabaster skin in the cold weather….it is so creamy, sweet and heady…like liquid gold….glorious……

    • I still love it now. The only macho I can wear convincingly and with pleasure.

  4. Holly

    Happy Birthday, my fellow Sagittarian!

    I just re-read your recent post about Fleurs de Rocaille which conjures up many poignant memories for me. I have a longish rather dull story about it, but suffice it to say that I never want to be without it. I actually took umbrage when I read the review of it in Perfumes: The A-Z Guide. It was as though someone beloved was being sneered at and soundly trashed.

  5. empliau

    Happy birthday Neil! I hope it was a wonderful day. I don’t have a lot of major scent memories, as my sense of smell, like my musical ear, seems to have been a late bloomer – in childhood I was nearly (or entirely) tone deaf, but now I can hear with accuracy false notes in instrumental music, but not very well in singing. I guess I’m a work in progress… anyway, I was delighted to note that we share some film loves. I saw The Remains of the Day, and to this day I am convinced that Emma Thompson taking possession of Anthony Hopkins’ novel, and the immediate aftermath, is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen on screen. And while I only quite liked Dracula, I was swept off my feet by Gary Oldman’s voice. (I have a thing for voices, and absolutely worship James Mason’s.) Anyway, when Dracula says “I have crossed oceans of time to find you”, I swooned. Oldman lowered his voice a full octave for the part – he described it in an interview as like dark velvet. I collect black velvet. Case closed.

    Rambling, but your story is so moving. I am glad that your journey led you to a place of happiness. Like Ulysses, you are a part of all that you have met – and done, and felt – and all that comes flooding back with these scent memories.

    You bring a diverse community great pleasure with your work. Thank you for bringing us into your life.

  6. I don’t know what you are apologising for, Z….if you mean the Facebook thing, my whole account has been deactivated for some reason because I don’t use my real name. So EVERYBODY is blocked on there, not only you. Anyway, pleases come along as usual. I will then delete this message as it is too personal for the blog.

  7. Also, I think you should be very careful about not taking such medicines. I am familiar with what happens to people in such circumstances. Please be careful.

  8. ZĂźbeyde Erdem

    I am confused 😳was your birthday last Saturday or tomorrow?
    I was / am not able to read your previous texts at messenger. If it is tomorrow let me know place name please

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