I have just woken up from a nightmare in which I was trapped in a hotel room in the Czech Republic with my Japanese boss. I was stressed out of my face despite the fascinating array of characters that kept appearing, yet amid the maelstrom, being chastised for lighting a candle in the middle of class (‘but I just wanted to create a nice atmosphere!) I still somehow managed to discover on the way there an intriguing (and actually non-existent) perfume for about 4 Euros  – something ‘-issima’ by Armani, spicy, adulterous, leathery and fur-coaty-  outside the window of a Czech curiosity shop (I had been in Mexico, but suddenly I went over the border and it was Eastern Europe). I wanted it, and there were other things in there as well, in the dark interior of the shop, really rare looking Carons and their like in beautiful bottles that I was desperate to own but was then dragged away. Thank god that Duncan woke me up with a cup of tea just at the moment that I realized that I and my vicious castigator would be sleeping next to each other and that I would not get a second’s sleep. I could feel my throat closing over. This often happens to me, though. I dream about perfumes that don’t exist. And I can physically smell them.


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11 responses to “DO YOU DREAM ABOUT PERFUME?

  1. I was right there in your dream, too. Didn’t want to wake up. I have perfume dreams too, and that street could have been mine. Also the Caron-like rarities, the whole classic vintage other-era vibe, as if it was all in sepia and candlelight. And that scent description is perfect: “spicy, adulterous, leathery and fur-coaty.” Something like one of those old Weils, maybe Zibeline. Or Quadrille. In my dreams, I’m alone and they’re all free for the taking. But then the edges get fuzzy and dark and I’m losing, losing, losing my place.

  2. Vintage, of course. Or does it go without saying?

  3. YES!! I see. Or, I smell just what you mean. But of course. Because it’s -issima! Molto eccelente.

  4. The original Gianni Versace Gianni might also fit the Italian bill? Purrrrrr.

  5. I also dream of perfumes and can actually smell them.
    Sogni d’oro.

  6. Lilybelle

    I often dream of finding caches of rare vintage perfumes. Sometimes I dream of perfume shopping and finding something so beautiful – the scent is always vivid. I hate being dragged away or waking up to the the dad truth. 🙂

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