When you live in the perfumed world I do, it can come as a sudden jolt to the senses to smell something so patently synthesized to smell ozonic, oceanic: searingly ultra-modern and fresh.


Rose Atlantic, a name that piques my aesthetics, is just that: roses awash in sea spray and sunlight. Lunging, zesting rose notes, doused in citrus provide an enlivening beginning, while underneath, a perturbing array of notes ( ‘salt spray rose accord’, ‘dune grass’, muscone and ‘salt grass’) provide the plausibly oceanographic backdrop.


Clean, oblivious  (an obvious paen to the Great Outdoors and the yachting life), this brisk, well-made perfume is not something I could ever wear myself – it made me feel like an alien when I had it on my skin, reptilian, cold, moist – but I can definitely imagine quite pleasurably encountering it on some hale, North American optimist – all perfect white teeth and smiling clean new sports clothes – as he or she hits the water.





































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8 responses to “ROSE ATLANTIC by D. S & DURGA (2016)

  1. Wowser! Love your reviews.

    • This is a bit of an odd one: I started off wanting to be ambivalent about Rose Atlantic as it is quite good in a way, but then I ended up killing the characters. Perhaps deep down something in me hated it so I ended up being facetious. I actually think I would like it though, on the right person. Really sort of fresh, windy rose – on the right skin it could be beguiling.

  2. MrsDalloway

    Fun review but sounds pretty ghastly. Scented roses don’t belong with sea.

    • I can’t help but agree. This does have something interesting about it, but also something that repelled me. If I were going for beach roses, I would go for Parfums De Rosine Rose D’Ete, in which the melonic/lemon note works peculiarly well with rose and suggests glinting sunglasses and beach foam.

  3. This made me laugh. Great review.

  4. Tara C

    It does sound ghastly… the antithesis of what I look for in a rose scent. Marine/ozonic notes are a big no for me in general.

  5. Great review and images, but most definitely not my type of scent. Anything ozonic or marine is a scent I veer far away from. I love smelling them out of the bottle and appreciate their compositions but not for me. I can’t imagine rose mixed in with it all, I do adore rose so much though.

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