I do not understand this perfume.

Please enlighten me.


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21 responses to “TREPIDATION + MALCOMPREHENSION……. RUBJ Voile d’extrait by VERO KERN (2014)

  1. Although I have Vera Kern;s Mito, Rozy and Onda in one form or another, RubyJ is the only Vera Kern fragrance I have in all three renditions: Eau de Parfum, Voile de Extract and Parfum. I never tried to understand it, I just really liked it in all forms, although every form is like a different aspect of that scent even if related in some ways.

    • It intrigues me from the vial ( especially in the morning), but isn’t it a bit like paint stripper? There is something very harsh and strange about it ( if undeniably sultry in the base).

      When do you wear it and what is the most appealing of the concentrations?

    • I don’t need the translator: you obviously love it!

      • I love the translator or rubj? I love Kiki.
        I’m not the writter of Olibanum.

      • I like Kiki – that’s the gorgeous lavender one, right? I tried it at Olivia’s – very nice. And I want to smell Onda again.

        But for me, Rubj has the weirdness of Mona Di Orio’s Nuit Noire, the kind of orange blossom + woods + sharp things + animalics (in this case cumin and musk) that does my head in.

        Simultaneously I have to say it strangely fascinates me.

        I am hoping someone will give me their full opinion here.

  2. Hey Neil! I’ll get back to you later. I’m in the middle of vegan brownies and about 400 cookies!! Info for now is there is cumin and a dab of patchouli in the Rubj EdP. NO cumin in any other rendition, nor in any other VP.
    Back to my oven. ❤️

  3. I am on an emergency trip to California, but I did pack some of the same Rubj VdE I sent you. So I ran to my suitcase to get some out to spray. It opens with big juicy bubbles of orange zest and orange flesh, that makes my mouth water. What is so great about Rubj is the mingling of jasmine and orange blossom. Every now and then, in Florida, you will walk by an orange tree in bloom, surrounded by banks of flowering Star or Longboat Jasmine and the combination is bewitching. There is a happy (not soapy musk) that dances around it all, and makes this my absolute favorite orange blossom perfume, with Dilettante coming in a close second. I think this is the most ‘orangy’ of all the orange blossom perfumes.

    • I worry I took much of your voile d’extrait:I would love to smell it on you and in this context.
      You like your orange blossoms extremely concentrated : Dilettante is also very deep and r

      • ich. I think I like mine much lighter and sunny – more superficial even.

        It strikes me that there is quite a lot of psychological depth in Vero Kern’s creations.

      • Not to worry Neil, it was just a smidge! What do you think of the Armani Rose Alexandrie? That is a light breezy orange blossom.

  4. Rubj has to be worn at the right temperature at the right time, otherwise it can go straight to funk. I have the EdP and love it…but the hub once told me that it made him sick when I wore it on a hot summer day. It really is a perfume that can change dramatically each time you wear it…and I love a little funk 🙂

  5. Tara C

    I have the Rubj extrait and vde. On me they are a juicy ruby orange blossom. I cannot abide the edp which has cumin and passion fruit and is unbearably stanky on me.

  6. Hi Neil. So cookies all baked and delivered. Always a 72 hour marathon! I could blab on for a long time about Vero Profumo, indeed I have done. 🙂 In short I think they either melt into your skin and you become one with them, or they don´t. That´s is why the Verophiles are such a faithful and passionate group. Like the fragrances or not, Vero is one of only a very, very few perfumers who are able to create something that is completely unique. Just for the record I love Rubj EdP and the Extrait the most, with the Voile getting less wear. And Rubj Voile needs to be smelled from a distance, and not jammed up your nose, it is too much like that. If we ever manage to be in London at the same time I´ll bring you cookies and Onda. OK? Vero Voiles in the winter and EdPs in the summer and extraits always.

    Hope you`re getting back to your required fitness level. xxxxx

    • I am nowhere near walking normally yet but I AM walking, to my amazement, so am going in the right direction!

      I love your Verophile descriptions and agree – from the first inhalation you can tell her perfumes are unique and have great depth. I felt that about Rozy extrait: there is just so much going on below, which is the opposite case for the very vast majority of perfumery now.

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